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Iran Inflation Rate Hits 29.8%: Nut Prices Soar!


Source: Tehran Times

The Central Bank of Iran has announced that the inflation rate in the 12-month period ended the eleventh Iranian calendar month of Bahman (February 18) hit 29.8 percent. The figure rose 1.1 percent compared to the 12-month period ended on January 19, according to the Fars News Agency.

Prices of nuts have risen sharply since last year
Photo shows pistachio priced at over 7$ per pound at a shop in Tehran

The Central Bank of Iran has announced that the inflation rate in the current Iranian current calendar year 1391, which ends on March 20, will hit 31.5 percent, ISNA reported.

The inflation rate had been projected to hit 32 percent, but measures have been taken to curb the rate at 31.5 percent, ISNA quoted Central Bank governor Mahmoud Bajmani as saying.

In December 2012, IRNA quoted Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Shamseddin Hosseini as saying that the Iranian administration has special plans to curb a probable surge in inflation during the final months of the current Iranian calendar year, ending on March 20, 2013.

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photos by Leila Ghodratollahi, Mehr News Agency

Prices of nuts, a favorite snack during Persian New Year, have risen sharply in the past year, following the steep decline in the value of Iranian currency. For most Iranians the nuts are now out of reach, like many other items.


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