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Iran, 18th most populous country in the world


Source: Mehr News Agency

Iran has a population of 76 million, standing at the 18th most populous country in the world, the director of Iran's National Organization for Civil Registration said in Tehran on Tuesday. According to Mohammad Nazemi-Ardakani, the birth rate in the country is currently 18.5 percent per 1,000 people, with mortality rate of 5.5 percent per 1,000 people.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that 23.5 percent of the country's population is under 15, while people aged 30 to 64, make up 39.5 percent of the population, accounting for the majority of the country's population.

He also mentioned that the older ages will make up 18 percent of Iran's population as of the year 2046.

The official described a declining birth rate in the country as a challenging issue which should be addressed through efforts to increase the rate.

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