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Photos: City of Mashhad Welcomes Iranian New Year


Photos by Mohammad Hossein Taaghi, Islamic Republic News Agency

The city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran is welcoming the new year Norouz with eye-catching decorations in the streets. Symbols of Norouz and other artworks greet the pedestrians who sometimes pose with them and grab a snapshot of these festive days.

Norouz (Nowruz) in Persian means "New day". It is the beginning of the year for the peoples of Iran (Greater Iran, including: Afghanistan, Arran (Republic of Azerbaijan) and Central Asian Republics). It begins precisely with the beginning of spring on vernal equinox (on March 20th this year).


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- Nowruz, "New Day", is the holiest and most joyful festival of the Zoroastrian year and the most important national festival for all Iranians. Its celebration is recorded from the Achaemenian period around 500 BCE. Nowruz first appears in Pahlavi texts from the Sasanian period, as nog roz. It is a celebration of spring equinox, when the sun begins to regain strength and there is a renewal of growth in nature. -Massoume Price 03/18/13


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