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Iranians sent 4 billion SMS for New Year greetings


Source: Mehr News Agency

Even the crippling sanctions against Iran could not take away the vitality of the people during the Persian New Year celebrations and people with exchange of 4 billion SMS, within 48 hours, set a new record.

A sample of SMSs sent for the new year

Iranian people during the first 48 hours of the Persian New Year sent over 4 billion SMS exchanges to greet Happy New Year to each other.

According to the reports by two Iranian mobile service provider companies, 'Hamrahe Aval' and 'Irancell', Iranians exchanged over 3 billion SMS within 48 hours for the New year's greetings.

'Hamrahe Aval' reported 3,012,823,125 SMS and 'Irancell' reported 1,230,000,000.

A total of over 4 billion SMS sent within 48 hours considers a growth of 74 percent over last year and is a record for the Iranians mobile phone users.

This is while Iranian people have been subjected to the most severe sanctions by Western countries in the past year, but even the sanctions did not make any impact on the vitality of the New Year celebrations for them.

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