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Iranian Parliament reviewing wage increases


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The Iranian Parliament has announced that it is reviewing the plan to make wage hikes commensurate with the inflation rate.

ILNA reports that Reza Rahmani, the head of Parliament's Mining and Industry Commission, told workers in Tabirz that wage increases have to fall in line with the inflation rate.

Rahmani went on to criticize the government's failure to implement the 25-year retirement option.

Rahmani said workers are now approaching the Supreme Court of Labour Justice with their individual grievances, and this is not in the national interest because it is creating heavy costs.

The rate of inflation has been rapidly rising in the past year in Iran, and the labour community has denounced the 25-percent raise in wages approved by Parliament, insisting that it does not reflect in any way the most basic costs of working households.

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