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Iranian wrestlers head to U.S.


Source: Tehran Times

The Iranian free-style wrestling team left Tehran for the United States on Sunday morning to participate in an exhibition match in New York's Times Square. The United States, Russia and Iran will come together in solidarity to compete in a unique wrestling competition in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal in New York City on May 15.

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The U.S., Iran and Russia are among the world's best wrestling nations. Since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announcement, these three nations have worked closely together to help support Olympic wrestling. Although their governments do not always agree, the wrestling leaders in these nations have a strong working relationship, according to, which is the official website of USA wrestling

"It is an exciting opportunity for wrestling to show the world its ability to bring together nations of different political, cultural and geographic backgrounds," said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender.

"The unique venue as well as New York City's status as a media capital of the world will provide one of the most compelling showcase settings our sport has ever had. We are excited to participate in World Wrestling Month, and pleased to partner again with Beat the Streets New York to bring wrestling to new heights."

The Iranian team will also travel to Los Angeles to face the American team in another friendly, slated for May 19 at the Memorial Sports Arena.

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