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What Has The Work of Heavens Come Down To?

Opinion article by Nooshabeh Amiri (source: Rooz Online)

Esfandiar Rahim Mashai, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidential nominee, has said, “I have received my approval to run for the post from the Heavens. Imam Al-ASR will force the Guardians Council to approve my qualifications.” Following that someone wrote me that the heavens and the imam are the new names for fraud and the purchase of votes!

Esfandiar Rahim Mashai (L) registered his candidacy accompanied by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

What I wonder is what have those who rule over Iran done with the “heavens” in the name of Islam and religion to relegate their work to screening candidates? Or what has happened in the world of Islam that has resulted in a battle between the missing Shiite imam and the Guardians Council, particularly if the imam is supposed to arrive soon - as heralded by the rulers - and save the world!

When I see the officials of the Islamic republic beating their chests to reach out to God and the Heavens, I honestly wonder what they are asking from God. Who or what do they see in Him?

What do they expect from this revered imam whom they have brought down to earth to a corner of Tehran from the Heavens? So what is this imam whom they have pushed down into the deepest point in a well near the city of Ghom - as officially reported to be in the Jamkaran well, over whom they sell visitation tickets to the public, and from whom they have obtained the stamp of approval for the electoral coup expected to do now?

There are many who are glad that this heaven and the imam have been pulled down to earth, thus shattering the image the heavens held. This is the time for liberation, they dream.

My surprise is at the silence of those who are called senior clerics and sources of emulation, those who have a long cloth wound their heads and whose foreheads speak of long hours of praying. I am surprised at those who are said to be connected to the heavens. Those very individuals who in the name of the heavens and the missing imam preach what is right and wrong to people, Those who wear their death coffins protesting the insults to the imams. Don’t they see that heavens and the imam that are called in to arbitrate between the elders of the Guardians Council and force them to approve a presidential candidate, or reject one, are sacrosanct and will stop being respected? Don’t they realize that if the imam is brought down to earth and desanctified then the days of their games and field will be over? Are they not concerned about their own future? Don’t they want to distance themselves from these games and thus protect their tents? Don’t they want to open their mouths and separate themselves from these?

The work of heavens which had remained out of reach, has now been brought down to earth. One can now imagine a person in every street and corner who has suffered from the rule of these men.

... Payvand News - 05/17/13 ... --

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