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Iranian firefighter saves lives, even after his death


Sources: Mehr News Agency & ISNA

According to Jalal Maleki, the spokesman of Iran's Firefighters Organization, body parts of firefighter Omid Abbasi will be offered to patients in need of transplants. Abbasi died during a mission in north Tehran after saving a girl from a fire in a residential complex.

Jalal Maleki told Mehr News that "firefighters received a call informing of a fire at a residential building in Bagheri neighborhood in Tehran at 2:18 PM on Tuesday.

A young woman with her two children had been trapped inside an apartment. The woman managed to escape along with her son, but her 9-year-old daughter was hanging from a window and was on the brink of a free fall when she was saved by the firefighters. A young firefighter, Omid Abbasi, gave his oxygen mask to 9-year-old girl. But he himself subsequently suffered brain death.

However, this was not the end for the young firefighter, as his family decided, in a laudable act, to give his body parts to be transplanted to patients in need of his organs.

Arrangements for transplanting of organs of young firefighter have been made in Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran.

The scene of Omid Abbasi's last mission



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