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Professor Parvaneh Vosough, angel of Iran's Cancer Children, passes away


Report: Mehr News Agency; Photos: Borna Ghasemi, ISNA

Professor Parvaneh Vosough, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mahak Subspecialty Cancer Hospital has died yesterday at age 78.

The late Professor Parvaneh Vosough

Everyone in Mozaffar Street loved Mrs. Professor's Green Volkswagen bug; a symbol which would appear in the vicinity of Ali Asghar Hospital, making evident the presence of a woman who had dedicated her life to cancer-suffering children; who abandoned her residence in Europe to live beside cancer-suffering children in Iran and to help them.

Now, Iran's cancer children are bereaved, since no longer could they learn how to love from her eyes; eyes which were closed forever yesterday.

Savior Angel

Professor Parvaneh Vosough was born in 1935 in Tafresh, central Iran. She received her MD in general medicine in 1963 in Tehran University of Medical Science. She completed her specialty and subspecialty in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Illinois Universities, and she attended Washington University for her graduate course. In 1971 she returned to Iran and practiced her profession in Ali Asghar Hospital in Tehran.

Mofid and Tehran Children hospitals were also among the centers where professor Vosough practiced medicine. As a founding member of subspecialty course in blood and children's cancer in Iran, she founded the first hematology and oncology section in Ali Asghar Hospital. And since 10 years ago, she was a fixed member of the Mahak Subspecialty Hospital that she had founded.

Her colleagues say that many times, she had been proposed residence of US and European countries for research and lucrative income, but that she had chosen providing free service to her country's cancer-suffering children.

In the course of her medical services, Professor Vosough treated many cancer-suffering children around the world, giving them health, and she had never married. Perhaps for this reason, she was called 'Iran's Mother Theresa' by some people.


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