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Iranian Presidential Candidate Jalili Seeks Greater Global Influence For Islam


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Saeed Jalili, a chief presidential candidate for Islamic Republic hardliners, told his first campaign meeting that he intends to "spread the influence of Islam in the world.

Saeed Jalili

The Fars News Agency reports that in his first campaign speech, Jalili said: "Our goal is to dry up the roots of the Zionist regime, the capitalist and communist systems, and we intend to promote the Islamic system."

Jalili, who is currently the chair of the Supreme Council of National Security and Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, is said to be closely linked to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Jalili is also backed by the Basij, the paramilitary arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps. as he lost a leg in the Iran-Iraq War and has the title of "janbaz" (Sacrificing combatant).

Jalili told the campaign rally: "We have often announced this fact in our foreign policy that we seek to spread Islam's influence and reduce domination in the world."

Iran's presidential election will take place on June 14, and Jalili is currently in the running with seven other candidates. These eight were the only ones approved by the Guardian Council from among 600 people who registered.

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