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Exhibition in London - Hanieh Delecroix and Keyvan Saber: LIFELINE


82 Great Portland Street, London W1
Tel: +44 (0)20 7602 7700

This is the first solo exhibition in London for Hanieh Delecroix & Keyvan Saber, a unique collaboration between two Iranian artists based in Paris who started working together in 2012.

Prior to this partnership, Hanieh Delecroix pursued painting and sculpture while working as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, with a specialism in adults suffering from chronic illness. The relationship between the mind and the body, especially the mind of a damaged body, is central to her art.

Shades of black and blue predominate in her paintings, particularly intense hues of cobalt, ultramarine, and cerulean, which she usually applies with a palette knife in sweeping strokes, creating abstract forms that look “written”. She favours translucent paper, chosen for its fragility and its symbolic, skin-like quality. “A crack in the paint or a tear in the paper become like a scar,” she explains. “That’s life. We always tell children not to touch things or they will break, but in life you have to touch and to take risks.”

29X42 CM, 2012

Keyvan Saber is a visual artist and poet, who has also worked as a professional photographer, graphic designer, and art critic in Iran and France. Spontaneous, free flowing and emotive, his calligraphy blurs the line between poetry and image, and is greatly influenced by his Iranian origins.

Signing their paintings Hanieh & Keyvan, their seamless method involves Hanieh painting abstract images as a stage on which Keyvan performs his writing, embellishing Hanieh’s work with fluid and energetic abstract calligraphy of his own poetry or texts by contemporary and classical Persian writers. With an acrylic pen, he applies white waves of words that render light and texture to the harmonious shades of blue, perfectly complementing the composition. The result is “Lifeline” - a collection of paintings that represent the human psyche and the body’s silhouette, and evoke a powerful emotional response.

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