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TAKE ACTION: Congressman Sherman wants to crash Iranian airplanes


Source: National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) is working to undermine the historic nuclear deal struck in Geneva last week because he wants more Iranian planes to crash. 

Sherman, who says he wants sanctions to “hurt the Iranian people,” said on Wednesday he wants to block part of the deal that would enable Iran to receive new parts for its aging civilian aircraft fleet. That is unacceptable.

Will you call Sherman's office directly at 202 225-5911 and tell his staff: 

"I am outraged that Representative Sherman wants to block repairs for Iranian airplanes that will help the Iranian people. Doing so would punish ordinary Iranians, unravel the nuclear deal, and put the U.S. and Iran back on the path to war. I hope the Representative will rethink his position and apologize for these remarks."

We can't let Brad Sherman and other hardliners in Congress get away with this. Please make the call and share this message widely.

And, if Sherman is your Representative, you can also take action by sending him an email

Also - in case you haven't already - please take a moment to send support to those leaders in government who are fighting for a brighter future between Iranians and Americans. Sign our Thanksgiving card to President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and Senator Feinstein and thank them for standing up for diplomacy.

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