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Iranian seismologists join in designing Mid-East earthquake model


Source: ISNA

Iranian seismologists as well as researchers from other Middle Eastern countries have jointly accomplished the first phase of the Earthquake Model of the Middle East (EMME).

Mehdi Zare

Deputy Head of the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) for Research and technology Department Mehdi Zare, who is at Istanbul's Bogazici University to attend the concluding conference on the first phase of the EMME, said studies of the plan have been based on the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) research which has been implemented at Zurich Polytechnic University.

He also added universities, research centers and research observatories working on earthquake engineering and seismology as well as the IIEES have been involved in the project since 2009.

The first phase of the project has been completed as with delivering a report and holding a concluding session with presence of seismologists of Middle Eastern countries at Bogazici University, Zare told ISNA.

He further added the GEM project started in the Middle East in several geographical subcategories aims at presenting and updating the earthquake map danger for across the world.

The surveys have been conducted in the Middle East, mainly with Kandilli Observatory and the Department of Earthquake Engineering at Bogazici University, he said, adding the IIEES has been taken part in the project as a colleague from Iran.

Zare continued that technical surveys in 7 technical fields have been conducted based on the results of previous studies in each Middle Eastern states, and the analysis and matching quality of the required information to evaluate the earthquake danger in the Middle East has been completed.

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