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Iranian foreign minister lauds shift in U.S. public opinion


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The Iranian foreign minister reports that based on the results of several Western surveys, American public opinion is inclined toward resolving the nuclear disputes with Iran.

The Central News Agency published an interview with Mohammad Javad Zarif, who said: "According to a poll taken two days ago, 75 percent of Americans believe that the nuclear issues with Iran have a political solution." He added that the public opinion polls show a big change in recent months.

Zarif once again referred to accusations against Iran by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying: "The Israeli prime minister is only trying to stir up differences and destroy the opportunity for an agreement between Iran and the 5+1."

He added: "We will not permit them to attain this goal. In the meantime, we will stand for the rights of our people and not allow any oversight of that."

The Iranian foreign minister stressed that the change in the diplomatic atmosphere is due to the Iranian delegation's trip to New York and the result of Iran's most recent presidential election. "This does not mean that issues are resolved but that the atmosphere has changed and we must take advantage of the new atmosphere that the Iranian people, with their heroic presence in the elections, have created."

After a historic phone conversation between Iranian President Hassan Rohani and his U.S. counterpart, a Washington Post poll of Americans asked if the U.S. should try to improve relations with Iran, and 85 percent of respondents said yes. A CNN survey between September 27-29 found three quarter of Americans favour increased diplomacy with Iran.

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