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Bushehr reformists accuse conservative MPs of election interference


Source: Radio Zamaneh

A group of reformist students and youth in Bushehr Province have written to the president, alerting him that the interior minister is ignoring public demands for the election of a provincial governor. The Persian Gulf website reports that the interior ministry has been delaying Bushehr's gubernatorial election, citing requests from Parliament.

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The report indicates that extremist elements are trying to influence the election of the governor.

The president is warned in the letter: "Three conservative MPs from the province are interfering in the election of the governor. These MPs have no regard for the demands of the majority of the voting public in the province and are trying to perpetuate policies that you campaigned against in the election."

The youth and students indicated that if such conditions continue, it will lead to public disappointment and a dampening of their hopes for the future.

President Hassan Rohani

President Hassan Rohani ran on a platform of moderation and greater civil liberties.

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