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Iran has swiftly achieved diplomatic success: President Rohani


Source: Tehran Times

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Sunday that in a short period of time, his administration has been able to halt the trend of increasing sanctions on Iran through active diplomacy, constructive interaction with the outside world, and the support of the Supreme Leader.

cartoon by Hadi Heydari, Sharqh daily

"With the grace of God and thanks to the political epic of the people in the election, the diplomatic movement of the government, in constructive interaction with the world and through the support and trust of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has produced valuable results in this short time, which has both prompted governments to praise democracy in Iran and also halt the increasing trend of sanctions against Iran," Rohani said at a cabinet session on Tuesday afternoon.

He went on to say that Iran has taken the initiative on the international stage through active diplomacy and has won the battle in the court of public opinion in the countries that have imposed sanctions on Iran.

"It (the government) is consolidating its nuclear rights step by step, and removing hurdles from the path of the nation's progress."

The president also said Iran has succeeded in "isolating" the Israeli regime, which is why Tel Aviv is trying hard to ruin the positive atmosphere created over Iran's nuclear program.

It has been proven throughout the history of the Islamic Revolution that whenever Iran has been close to achieving a success in the international arena, "the Zionists have resorted to sabotage and creating incidents at home and abroad," he noted.

He added, "The dignified path of the Iranian nation is clear, and the goals that have been set out by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution for the development of the country will be vigilantly pursued. The government is determined to follow this path through constructive interaction."

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