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Iranian Culture Minister Says Opinions Allowed On Women Singing Solo


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iran's minister of culture says it is not wrong to express an opinion about solo female singers in Iranian music. ILNA reports that Culture Minister Ali Jannati said: "Every person is free to express their own opinion in this regard, but there is not even consensus among senior religious leaders on this subject."

Woman playing the kamancheh
A painting from the Hasht Behesht Palace in Isfahan, Persia, 1669.

Jannati added: "Some religious authorities have said that so long as solo singing by women does not lead to corruption, it is admissible."

The culture minister's statements come after a top music master, Daryoosh Pirniyakan, called for women to have the freedom to sing solo and challenged those religious leaders who have labeled music a forbidden activity.

"One of the chief demands of the House of Music is the broadcasting of women's voices," Priniyakan said; "Half of our musicians are women but they are not allowed to sing."

The statements have triggered serious criticism from conservative members of the establishment, and the tension led to Pirniyakan's resignation from the House of Music's administration.

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