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Photos: Tehran's Malek Museum and Library refurbished


Report by Tehran Times; photos by Mohammadreza Nadimi, ISNA

Malek Museum and Library has undergone refurbishing to better display its collection of thousands objects, which range from paintings, rare manuscript books, and calligraphy works to carpets, rugs, coins, and postage stamps. A group of journalists visited the museum and library on Tuesday by invitation of Managing Director Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini.

Speaking to the journalists, Hosseini said that the storehouses, laboratory, and the exhibition area of the museum and library have been equipped with modern aerometers, which were made in England.

He also added that the lighting system has been designed and installed by an Italian company that previously implemented similar systems for museums in London and Florence, the Great Wall of China, and elsewhere.

Malek Museum and Library Managing Director Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini

The Malek Museum and Library is located at the Mashq Square, which is home to several Qajar era monuments in downtown Tehran. The building and almost all its objects were donated by the Qajar era tradesman, Hossein Malek, to the guardianship of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) to be converted into a museum and library.

The museum and library was inaugurated in 1927. The library contains 19,000 rare manuscripts and 90,000 printed books.

Among the manuscripts is a copy of Iranian physician and philosopher Avicenna's Kirab al-Qanun fi at-Tibb (The Canon of Medicine). In addition, a copy of the Holy Quran, which is surmised to have been written by Imam Hassan (AS), is kept at the library.

Eighteen works by Qajar era painter, Kamalolmolk, 948 calligraphy works, and 479 miniature paintings and illumination works by eminent Iranian artists are kept in the seven storehouses of the museum.

The storehouses also hold collections of 3000 coins, 11,000 postage stamps, and about 100 Persian carpets and rugs.

Based on the deed for endowment, which has been composed by Hossein Malek, the officials of the museum and library are not authorized to loan the books or artifacts to other organizations for any exhibition.


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