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Iranian President Hassan Rohani says he has full authority in nuclear talks


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iranian President Hassan Rohani told the ABC television network that Iran is not after atomic weapons and that he has complete authority to forge an agreement with the West during nuclear negotiations.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani

The statement appears to challenge speculation that the Iranian president cannot influence the direction of nuclear talks without the consent of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

In reference to the letter he has reportedly received from Barack Obama, Rohani said that he found the tone of the letter "positive and constructive", adding that the letter contained congratulations on his victory in the election and "other issues."

The Iranian president said: "I believe that leaders of all countries must consider the national interests of the country and not be swayed by extremist groups."

Asked if he will meet with his U.S. counterpart during his trip to New York, Rohani maintained that such a meeting is not on his agenda but he added that "anything is possible in the world of politics."

Rohani went on to say that the Iranian delegation in New York will communicate Iran's stance toward foreign policy and global issues, including nuclear and regional issues.

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