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New Iranian university chief says students won't be booted for beliefs


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The new head of Iran's Azad University has announced that students will no longer be expelled or suspended for their political beliefs. ISNA reports that Hamid Mirzadeh told a press conference on Saturday September 21 that this new directive has been issued to all the branches of the Azad University faculty.

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He also called on any faculty members who feel they've been unfairly discriminated against to raise the issue with the university administration in order to get a review of their case.

Hamid Mirzadeh recently replaced Farhad Daneshjoo as head of the Azad University.

Throughout the Ahmadinejad administration, universities had assumed a highly conservative stance regarding faculty members and students, forcing many professors into early retirement because of their alleged failure to meet Islamic standards. Many student activists were suspended or expelled for similar reasons.

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