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Iranian researcher uses ear for identification in airport, border


Source: ISNA

Iranian researchers at Amir Kabir University Of Technology have developed a method to identify people in airports and border areas through ear specifications.

30 Female Ears, ages 16-90, drawn from NY arrest photos.
(artwork by: Shawn Feeney)

"Biometrics, such as fingerprint and iris are used for identification of people. We used ear as a biometric in this study," said Mina Shahriari, author of the study.

She added that biometrics change in time due to people's biology, but ear functions dependently and does not become old.

The researcher noted that a bank of ear images were used for the study and a histogram is used for identification process. "Using ear as a biometric is of high precision for identification of people comparing to other methods of identification."

She also said taking image of an individual's ear does not need his cooperation, while in other methods of identification by means of iris and fingerprint the person needs to work with the operator.

She also said that the method can be used for identification of terrorists in borders and airports.

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