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Extremism should not be associated with any religion, nationality, or culture: Tehran statement

Source: Tehran Times

TEHRAN - The participants at the international conference against violence and extremism in Tehran issued a statement on Wednesday declaring that “violent extremism and violence is a global challenge and is not and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization, culture, race, and ethnic group.”

Following is the text of the statement: 

The Honorable Foreign Ministers, former high-ranking officials, Members of Parliaments, scholars, researchers, and representatives of Civil Society of more than 50 countries congregated for the first conference of “A World Against Violence and Extremism” on 9-10 December 2014 in Tehran.

Guided by the principles and values of the divine religions and the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and on the occasion of the first year of the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly’s Resolution A/RES/68/127 of 18 December 2013 entitled “A World Against Violence and Violent Extremism” and with the aim of taking a further step towards the realization of the lofty goals enshrined in that Resolution initiated by the proposal of H.E. Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 

Recalling the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly and other UN organs on combating violence and violent extremism; 

Alarmed by the acts of intolerance, violent extremism, violence, including sectarian violence, and terrorism in various parts of the world, which claim innocent lives, cause destruction and displace people, and rejecting the use of violence, regardless of any motivation, convinced that wars and armed conflicts can lead to radicalization and the spread of violent extremism and disrupt development of human societies and thwart the well-being of humankind; 

Recognizing the importance of national and regional characteristics and diverse, historical, cultural and religious backgrounds of all States; 

Reaffirming that violent extremism constitutes a serious common concern for all Member States, threatening the security and well-being of human societies, and convinced that there is no justification for violent extremism, whatever the motivation; 

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to countering violent extremism and addressing the conditions conducive to its spread; 

Recognizing the nature, principle, values and objectives of monotheistic divine religions as a collection of guiding instructions in spiritual, social, cultural, economic sphere of human life development, adherence to which will result in human salvation and happiness; 

Recognizing that the nature, principles, values and objectives of the divine religions are inherently against all forms of violence and violent extremism and promote justice, peace, the equality of human beings and non-discrimination; 

Underlining that violent extremism and violence is a global challenge and is not and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization, culture, race, and ethnic group and therefore, the countering and elimination of which requires a firm determination and cooperation of all members of the international community; 

Expressing grave concern that extremist and terrorist groups have begun to reach out to youth or deprived minorities by using the Internet and other modern technologies in an attempt to indoctrinate them with radical messages and recruit them. 

Rejecting the tactical and instrumental use of and financing extremist groups for any reason; underlining the importance of promotion of further understanding, awareness and tolerance through genuine dialogue, encouragement of the culture of peace and moderation and harmonization among cultures that can help the common efforts to counter violence and violent extremism; 

Stresses that selective approaches in countering violence and violent extremism jeopardize the unity of international community in combating such horrific phenomenon; 

Have agreed on the following Plan of Action: 

1) Welcome the proposal made by H.E Hasan Rouhani that the United Nations proclaim the 18th December of each year as the day of “A World against Violence and Extremism”, and request the Secretary General of the United Nations to recommend, in its report to the General Assembly at its seventieth session, a recommendation to that effect. 

2) Stress on the importance of the public condemnation of all forms of extremism, violent extremism and terrorism by all States, religious leaders, politicians, and scholars.

 3) Emphasize on the need for taking actions to eradicate poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment, as the main sources of feeding extremism and its recruitment. In this context, assisting the countries that have been victimized by violent extremism is of the vital importance to address the root causes of violence and terrorism. 

4) Request the countries that their borders are used for transit by radical and extremist groups to take the steps necessary to enhance control over their borders including through enacting legislation or adopting administrative and law enforcement measures.

 5) Request the Secretary-General of the United Nations to address, in its report to the General Assembly at its Seventieth Session, the efficient ways by which the United Nations could assist Member States, upon their request, to encounter extremism including through generating public awareness about the dangers of intolerance, as well as in fostering understanding and non-violence. 

6) Underlines establishing and developing the culture of peace and tolerance through: 

A. Planning diverse policies and actions with the purpose of creating a better understanding and finding mutual grounds in order to deepen the culture of understanding and peace as the basic condition for countering extremism for future generations.

B. Forging relations and institutionalize regular dialogue among leaders of all divine religions.

C. Promoting novel educational texts based on the culture of peace and friendship among various societies.

 D. Forging relations among intellectuals, think tanks and artists to promote peace and friendship among different societies. 

E. Considering that education at all levels is one of the most effective elements in every sustainable and successful strategy to counter extremism. Therefore, requests all States to plan and execute policies and effective initiatives for the promoting principles of tolerance, respect for others and their ideas and cultural diversity in their educational systems.

F. Encouraging the inclusion of research programs on diverse cultures, religions and various civilizations in university curriculum, and also the exchange of knowledge, information, and scholarships among academics, researchers and students as provisions of great capability with the purpose of deepening understanding and tolerance among different societies. 

G. Underline that media should function as a mechanism for universalizing the idea of tolerance, respect for cultural diversity, the right to cultural development and promotion of human rights and values.

H. Underline the enhancement of the role and capacity building of academics, religious scholars, academic institutions as well as research centers in order to promote public awareness of values regarding various cultures and respect for cultural diversity, to enrich intercultural dialogue, and respect human rights and prevent the development of fertile grounds for the growth of extremist, Takfiri and violent ideologies.

 I. Take note of the need for establishing a research institute to study the global trends and developments on violence and extremism and plan the proper reaction to counter such horrific phenomenon.

J. Stresses on the effective implementation of this Action Plan and in that line welcomes the follow-up conference on World against Violence and Extremism to be held in Iran in 2015. 

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