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Photos: Snowy City Festival in Boroujen


Photos by Mahmoud Raeisi, Islamic Republic News Agency

The 7th Snow City Festival was held January 28-30 at the Choghakhor international pond close to the the town of Boroujen in the Iranian province of Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari. The aim of the festival was introducing the attractions of Choghakhor to the visitors..

According to ISNA, 179 people in 39 groups had registered for the competitions. Among the participating groups, 13 were from other provinces. These groups created many giant snow sculptures which decorated the landscape and captivated the visiting people.

Boroujen is well known by its extremely cold weather, usually mentioned as one of the coldest Iran cities in national weather forecasts. It is located on an altitude of about 2197 meters from sea levels. Its climate is usually combined of moderate summer climates as well as very cold winters. Snow days are normally 122 days per year, and the temperature could reach -27°C. The maximum observed temperature has been 36°C. Average annular precipitation is 243 mm (24% in the spring, 1% in the summer, 33% in the fall, and 44% in the winter).

Boroujen has one of the highest elevation among all Iran cities, making it rich and fruitful in terms of vegetable and animal environment.



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