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Iranian Activist's state unclear a month after arrest


Source: Radio Zamaneh

A month after the arrest of Iranian-Kurdish activist Dana Lanjabadi, he remains in an undetermined state at the Intelligence Ministry detention centre in Marivon. Reports from Marivon indicate that Lanjabadi was arrested on January 5 at his place of work and transferred to the ministry office. There has been no news of him since then.

Dana Lanjabadi

The Lanjabadi family has failed in its efforts to obtain information about his situation.

Lanjabadi was arrested last year for protesting the death sentences handed to a succession of Kurdish political prisoners, including Farzad Kamangar, a teacher whose execution caused widespread outrage in Kurdistan Province. Lanjabadi was sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence.

Lanjabadi is also a member of the environmental group Sabz Chia, which promotes popular support and community participation in preserving forests and rangelands.

Members of the Sabz Chia Association have been arrested on several occasions in recent years.

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