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Iran: Web committee discusses loosening online restrictions


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iran's minister of communications says the committee for determining criminal content on the web has met to discuss the new administration's policies in order to reach consensus on which sites will be subject to filtering.

Intelligent tray (new use for smartphones & tablets when all applications are filtered)!
cartoon by Vahid Nikgoo

The Fars News Agency reports that the minister announced that the meeting was constructive, with the members agreeing that "anti-religious and immoral sites" will be restricted while sites that "do not instigate corruption" and increase public knowledge will be freely accessible.

The minister also commented on mobile telephone software applications, saying their use is permitted so long as they do not invade private space.

"If the private space of individuals is invaded, then that particular application is invasive and will be made inactive, and the other parts will have no problem," Mahmoud Vaezi said.

The minister expressed hope that the public will be satisfied with the results of the meeting.

Iranian internet users face widespread restrictions in accessing various websites, and the new administration is attempting to ease some of these restrictions without drawing too much fire from hardliners in the Islamic Republic establishment.


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