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Iran Oil and Gas 2014 Summit in Dubai: Getting Involved in Iran Oil and Gas Pending a Future International Agreement


Source: PRWEB, UK

The Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit, organised in Dubai on 23rd-25th June by International Research Networks Ltd will gather NOCs, IOCs, Governmental bodies, oil and gas Law Practices, Top Contractors and Associations as well as oil and gas Experts, Academics and Consultants to discuss new business opportunities in the country.


The interim deal on the Iranian nuclear program reached in Geneva last November was undoubtedly the first step toward a truly complete resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue. In the aftermath of a nuclear conclusive agreement, great opportunities could open up in Iran in the near future, making the country a real game-changer for international oil and gas markets.

Though bans of importing oil in the European Union currently remain in place, oil officials and foreign traders in Tehran say Asian oil buyers are already getting more comfortable buying Iranian oil because of decreased political risks.

The Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit, taking place in Dubai on 23rd-25th June, will provide more than 200 senior representatives with a platform to gauge the latest developments and new business opportunities during this pivotal time for Iran's oil and gas industry.

Moreover, two exclusive workshops by the renowned Encyeh Seyed Sadr, Attorney at Law at MLB Bayan Emrooz Law Firm; Dr. Behrooz Akhlaghi, Attorney at Law and Senior Partner at Dr. Behrooz Akhlaghi & Associates; and Dr. Mohammad Shamsaei, Managing Director of Dr. Shamsaei & Associates, will offer a detailed look on the Iranian petroleum regulatory framework and on the protection of foreign investment in the country.

Issues to be addressed at this meeting include:

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