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Photos: Public co-operation helps bring dried Iranian lake to life


Report by Radio Zamaneh; photos by Akbar Tavakkoli, Islamic Republic News Agency

Abundant rainfall in Southeastern Iran has brought water back to Lake Hamoun after 15 years of dryness. Local people celebrated the event in and around the lake. With the rise of floods, the Sistan-Baluchistan Department of the Environment enlisted public assistance and began efforts to facilitate greater water accumulation in the lake.

The department has lauded the overt cooperation of the public and adds that extending such cooperation into neighbouring Afghanistan could further replenish the long-dried-out lake.


Estimates indicate that less than 10 percent of the lake has replenished itself from the torrential rains. Lake Hamoun covers a total area of about 560,000 hectares, including 400,000 hectares in Iran.

The drying of Lake Hamoun has had devastating effects on the livelihood of the people in the region.


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