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German Iranologist Heidemarie Koch honored in Tehran


Source: Tehran Times; photos by Borna Qasemi, ISNA

The Persian literary monthly Bokhara paid tribute to German Iranologist Heidemarie Koch, author of "Persepolis, Shiny Capital of the Persian Empire", during a ceremony at the Mahmud Afshar Foundation in Tehran on Thursday.

Heidemarie Koch smiles during the ceremony in Tehran on May 29, 2014. Archaeologist Guntram Koch, who is Heidemarie's husband, is also seen in the photo.

Archaeologist Guntram Koch, Heidemarie's husband, Bokhara director Ali Dehbahsi, and several Iranian scholars, including Hekmatollah Mollasalehi and Jaleh Amuzgar, attended the ceremony, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Friday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Heidemarie Koch, a professor of Iranian Studies at the University of Marburg, talked about her interest in archaeology and the history of Iran.

She said that she was a teacher of mathematics but became familiar with archeology when she married Guntram, who was studying archaeology at university.

Her interest in archaeology led her to study in that field and then she learned Persian and began her studies about Iran.

"It took a long time for me to travel to Iran and see Persepolis. When I was asked if what I saw was like what I read about Iran, I was happy to say yes. I visited Persepolis several times afterwards but still I like it," she added.

Guntram Koch said his interest in archaeology and the history of the Achaemenids date back to his school days.

He added that he and his wife are thinking of publishing a magazine to present the images and information they have collected about the Achaemenid era from various countries, such has Turkey, Tajikistan, and Lebanon.

In his short speech, Mollasalehi said he regards Heidemarie Koch as a true researcher with a mind that is able to analyze a world that no longer exists.

Dehbashi read out a statement by Carlo Cereti, a professor of Iranian studies at the University of Rome, written in honor of Heidemarie Koch.

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