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Iranian artists gather at Tehran center to present "Art for Humanity"


Source: Tehran Times

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The exhibition "Art for Humanity" displaying works by 100 artists to help the United Nations World Food Program fight hunger in the world was inaugurated at Tehran's Niavaran Cultural Center on Friday.

A number of Iranian cultural figures, foreign ambassadors and United Nations Resident Coordinator for Iran Gary Lewis attended the opening ceremony, the center has announced on its website.

The week-long exhibit has been set up to commemorate World Food Day (October 16).

Speaking at the ceremony, director of the center Abbas Sajjadi hoped to celebrate the end of hunger one day. "In our culture, helping others is a precious value that we have inherited."

The artistic director of the program Shokufeh Malek-Kianii made a brief speech and said that the collection contains valuable works of painting, sculpture, photo and calligraphy by veterans and novices.

"The project began with 33 artists last year, but we are proud to have 100 artists this year," she said, adding that the artworks have been priced by the artists themselves.

Gary Lewis also said that many steps need to be taken to eradicate hunger in the world. Sufficient food is being produced in the world, however there is still hunger not only in the poor countries but in the rich and developed ones, he said.

He added all the money raised in this exhibit will provide food for different individuals including Afghan nationals who are being supported by the country of Iran.

He thanked all the Iranian artists who have displayed their heart and compassion in their works.

Hossein Mahjubi, Jalal Shabahangi, Reza Bangiz, Mostafa Asadollahi, Mohammad Farnud and Sorush Sehhat attended the opening ceremony.

Nahid Aryan, Shima Esfandiari, Simin Ekrami, Minu Emami, Bahram Dabiri, Hamed Rashtian, Mohamamd Salahshur, Asal Fallah and Ario Farzi are among the participating artists in the exhibit.

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