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Over 350,000 Iranians studying abroad: Education Minister


Source: Tehran Times

Estimates show that around 350 to 500 thousand Iranians are studying outside of the country, the Minister of Education said on Saturday.

EducationUSA Iran: website, facebook

Did you know that thousands of Iranian students study in the United States each year? In fact, for the past several years, the number of Iranian students studying in American colleges and universities has steadily grown such that Iran is now 22nd among the top 25 places of origin for international students. For more information on studying in the United States, please visit theEducationUSA Iran website.

Ali Asghar Faani, who was briefing a gathering of teachers set to be dispatched to Iran's official schools abroad, said that his organization is planning to restructure the system governing its foreign missions and "make them more compatible with the cultural changes."

The Ministry of Education runs a number of schools outside Iran, mainly in the Persian Gulf countries as well as some European countries.

Faani emphasized the need to promote the Persian language in overseas branches and described it as one of his main priorities to protect the cultural identity of the Iranian students studying abroad

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