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Iranian Cheetah's dwindling numbers lower than thought


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The head of the Iranian Cheetah Association says the endangered feline's numbers are still falling in Iran, despite efforts, and their situation has become more critical. Morteza Eslami told ISNA that earlier estimates pointed to a population of between 70 and 120 Asiatic cheetahs in the country but the number is now put between 40 and 70.

Eslami stressed that these numbers are very concerning and the situation of the Iranian Cheetah is much more critical than previously thought.

Outside of Africa, Iran is now the only country where the cheetah can be found. In recent years, nature lovers have made serious efforts to stop the decline of this animal in Iran.

The report indicates that road accidents are responsible for 40 percent of cheetah deaths in Iran.

Since 2002, the UN has collaborated with Iran's Department of the Environment to protect the Asiatic Cheetah, but the rare species continues to decline in number.

cartoon by Ali Jahanshahi, Shargh daily


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