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Iran Launches 2.4 Billion Euro High-Speed Rail Project


Source: Tehran Times

The construction of a high-speed railway, extending about 400 kilometers from Tehran to Isfahan, started on Wednesday. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani officially launched the project during a visit to the city of Qom, which is located between Tehran and Isfahan.

The railway is projected to be built over the course of four years at a cost of €2.4 billion. Trains running on the Tehran-Isfahan railway can reach speeds of about 350 kilometers per hour.

The project will save an estimated 550 billion rials (about $20 million) annually in fuel consumption.


Iran's Bank of Industry and Mine will provide $1.8 billion of the total finance through China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE). China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) will implement the project in cooperation with Iran's Khatam al-Anbia Construction Headquarters.

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