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Filmmaker asks Iranian officials to watch "A Few Cubic Meters of Love"


Source: Tehran Times

Filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh has asked Iranian officials to watch "", a drama on migration and love directed and produced by Afghan brothers Jamshid Mahmudi and Navid Mahmudi who have lived in Iran for the past 30 years.

A Few Cubic Meters of Love

"This is a film, by which we can maneuver out of Iran," Talebzadeh said in a review session that Tehran's Enqelab Cultural Center held for the film on Monday evening.

"By this film, we can show that we allowed a film to be produced to criticize ourselves and convey that we didn't use to know how to treat immigrants in the country," he added.

Hasibeh Ebrahimi acts in a scene from "A Few Cubic Meters of Love".

The story of the film is set somewhere in the outskirts of Tehran, where a small factory illegally employs Afghan asylum seekers, who live with their families in old containers or modest shacks in nearby shanty towns. Saber, a young Iranian worker, secretly meets Marona, daughter of Abdolsalam, an Afghan worker. A love story unfolds.

"A Few Cubic Meters of Love" is Jamshid Mahmudi's debut film, which premiered at the 32nd Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran in February 2014. The film won him the Simorgh for best director in the New View section of the festival.

"I would have felt bad had we not won any award at this event," Jamshid Mahmudi said during the review session.

"Because we did our best to make the film be warmly received," he added.

The film is currently on screen at Iranian movies theaters.

"The reason behind why Iranian people like this film, is that it is a real-life drama," Jamshid Mahmudi stated.

The film was selected to represent Afghanistan at the 87th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category, but was not nominated.


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