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U.S. is prime destination for Iran's international mail


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iran Post Company

Iranian Postal Services announced that the highest volume of outgoing mail it handles goes to the United States. IRAN reports that the head of Iranian Postal Services, Hossein Mehri, told reporters on Wednesday January 21 that the largest amount of incoming mail arrives from Germany, China and England.

This is despite the fact that Iran and the United States have had no diplomatic relations since 1979 and the Iranian government often refers to the United States as its chief enemy.

In September of 2013, Hassan Rohani became the first Islamic Republic president to speak directly with a U.S. president, when Barack Obama contacted him by phone during the Iranian president's visit to the United Nations to attend the General Assembly.

The Rohani administration, which came to power on a platform of reform and moderation, has tried to eliminate the common use of the slogan "Death to America!" from official government events but so far has not been successful.

In a poll taken last year, a majority of Iranian said they wanted a change in their country's relations with the United States. Although 10-20 percent of the respondents were against improving relations with the United States, a significant number expressed their opposition to the "Death to America!" slogan.

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