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Sistan Baluchistan MP lists distressing stats about province


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Seventy percent of people in Sistan Baluchistan province are living below the poverty line, the Khash representative to Parliament reports.

Line of Poverty (cartoon by Ehsan Ganji, Ghanoon daily)

ISNA reports that Hamidreza Pashang said on Tuesday June 23 that Sistan Baluchistan suffers severely from underdevelopment. He added that in that past three decades, the province has been ranked last among the country's 31 provinces in terms of development.

The reports adds that unemployment remains very high. Two-thirds of the province's population does not have access to drinking water, and only 50 percent of students continue their education.


The Sistan Baluchistan MP said: "The underdevelopment of the province is due to discrimination, neglect and marginalization of the province."

Sistan Baluchistan has long grappled with poverty, high unemployment, water and environmental crises as well as the severe security problems that have resulted in widespread migration from the province.

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