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TiPL: A new app for writing in Persian

Source: Parse Holdings Limited

TiPL is a Persian type-writer app, with spell checker and predictive text facility; it produces both the traditional and Latinised Persian text (Perso-Latin).


Perso-Arabic (PA) - The Script for writing Persian using an extension of the Arabic alphabet, currently in use in Iran.
Perso-Latin (PL) - The Script for writing Persian using an extension of the Latin alphabet, (English is a Latin alphabet).

TiPL is a Persian type-writer app, with spell checker & predictive text facility; it produces both, the traditional (فارسی ) & Latinised Persian text (Perso-Latin).

TiPL uses a standard QWERTY keypad; this makes it: 

  • A great tool for writing Persian, for users who are not familiar with, or don't have access to, a Persian keyboard. 
  • A complementary tool for people who are learning Persian. 

Video link:

When required, TiPL will reformat non-conforming words, to conforming versions. For example, when you type shoma haletoon khoobeh? TiPL will correct the format & produce: soma haletun xube? شما حالتون خوبه؟

The App:

TiPL consists of 3 panels; one at the top for entering & displaying PL text, the second, a non-editable panel for displaying PA. The third displays suggestions based on user input (the suggestion panel). For each word user enters, there will 4 or more suggestions. The suggestions can include the user’s word, if no match is found. PL words entered by user automatically get converted to the correct format (convention). 

TiPL is part of a suite of software tools, produced to enable Persian speakers use the Latin alphabet (PL), to write precise Persian by conforming to a convention. Over the last 3 decades or so, many individuals & groups have pushed for a more comprehensive & precise convention for writing PL. TiPL is built on an improved version of the existing conventions and much effort has been spent to ensure all current PA words, can be correctly & consistently, represented in PL.


  • Spell checking: This applies to standard & inflected words, conjugated verbs, combined words, plurals of Persian/Arabic words. TiPL also spell checks regional (accents) and colloquial words.
  • Correct spacing: Use of ‘half space’ between constituent parts of plurals (بچه ها ), combined (با مزه ), inflected words (آلودگی ای ) and conjugated verbs (رفته اید ).
  • Automatically formats non-conforming PL words to conforming versions.

TiPL can produce; conjugated forms for around 900 Persian verbs, inflected forms of words, and generate thousands of combined words (and their inflected forms). This means TiPL caters for hundreds of thousands of correctly spelt & grammatically legal words. To get an idea, try all variation (inflection) of the word dast (hand), here’s a very small list of possibilities:

Longer term aspirations:

By implementing a precise & consistent convention, it is hoped that TiPL, and other similar systems, will help keep the link between the Persian speakers and their cultural heritage, this is especially the case for the 2nd & 3rd generation diaspora who are not fluent in written Persian (PA) but have a good to reasonable fluency in spoken Persian. Of course, this can only be achieved when the use of precise Perso-Latin becomes more widespread in conjunction with availability of more PL materials, both in printed & electronic formats. We hope TiPL can contribute in this regard.

Future versions:

  • The convention used in TiPL and its underlying design, allows reversibility, i.e. Perso-Latin to Perso-Arabic (PA فارسی ) and PA to PL. Work is currently underway to produce the latter version, which can be used to convert any existing (electronic) PA text to correct PL.
  • Spell checking - This feature currently operates, when user is typing a word. A version with a conventional spell checker will be available soon.
  • Website(s) entirely in PL text.
  • A new app that uses a standard Persian keypad.
  • Afghan and Tajik versions. The current version is for Persian spoken in Iran, it can however be used by other users.

You can get TiPL from:
App Store:
Google Play:
Cafe Bazar (کافه با زار ):


About Parse Holdings Limited:

TiPL app is a product of Parse Holdings Limited. The idea is the brainchild of the managing director Bijan Bakhshi. Two other developers also worked on this project. Bijan has been working as an independent IT consultant in London for many years. He specialises in investment banking and commodity trading.

Bijan Bakhshi: "I had the idea for many years, and with the arrival of mobile devices, the idea became more achievable. So in early 2014, I decided to take time off work and start on it. I produced a prototype in early 2015, it took another 4 months to convert it to an app for mobile devices. In May this year, TiPL was published." The app is free so there's no income from it directly. We hope as Perso-Latin method of writing becomes more popular, we can produce other 'paid for' apps, and also provide script conversion & educational services, that will generate income. There is a long way ahead."

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