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Prominent Iranian conservative calls nuclear pact a closed subject


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Islamic Republic hardliner Ahmad Jannati told worshippers on Friday that discussions around the nuclear agreement should be ended, adding that care and caution should accompany its implementation at all times.

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati delivering a sermon at Tehran's Friday Prayers
(photo by Islamic Republic News Agency)

Speaking on October 16 at the Friday Mass Prayers in Tehran, the head of Iran's Guardian Council, which approved the draft of the agreement this week, said: "I believe we should no longer discuss the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action... we should only make sure that the rights afforded us by the agreement are held in place."

He went on to add that care must be taken that the deal is not used as "an excuse for world powers to impose their will on the country", saying the other party has a history of "breaking promises and might use a myriad of excuses to go back on its commitments".

A group of women advocating morality laws at Tehran's Friday Prayers
(photo by Islamic Republic News Agency)

He added: "If we do not resist, after approval of the nuclear agreement, they might turn around and say men and women should also have equal rights, Qesas should not be done, same-sex marriages should be allowed, and relations with Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have to be severed."

Jannati added that the Plan of Action has to also be approved by the Supreme National Security Council and Iran's Supreme Leader.

The head of Iran's Atomic Agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, has said that he expects the terms of the agreement to be implemented by December 2015.

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