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American Party System or Lack Thereof

Opinion article by Sina Alavi

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

It seems like not a day goes by that we don't hear about Donald Trump making "crazy" comments. It is election time in America but it sure looks and feels different from all the previous elections that I remember - going back 1976 election between Ford and Carter. What gives...why is this election different from the other ones. There is no question that this election is different from the other elections, the question is how different is this election year. If this election was like any other recent elections, we would be given the usual ride with the same song and dance from both parties and things would be copacetic as far as the party establishments were concerned, and at the end of the day we would end up with a president not different from the previous one as I have written about this process here, here and here.

This is not to say we will not end up with one of these generic presidents, it is way too early to expect otherwise, the show has just begun. So let's try to make sense out of what's happening. In order to understand what's going on, we should take a quick look at the party system in America so we could put the events in perspective as they happen.

To begin with, we need to know- contrary to popular belief- The US of A is not a Democracy; even when you hear it from high level Government officials including President Obama. The US of A is a Constitutional Republic- that means Majority may not rule. Only in a Democracy people vote directly to elect their leader. In the US, we have Electoral College system which means your vote elects an elector who will select the person you voted for. These electors can change their mind and vote for someone else if they are unpledged. The Electoral College system creates a fair system for smaller states to have a say on the election of the President, but the problem arises when something like corruption raises its ugly head.

Especially, with the current political parties and their delegate system, voters have no say on who becomes their candidate. This is more true within the current Democratic Party and what they call Super Delegates, this virtually ignores the will of the voters, but since most of the time voters are duped to vote for the candidate the Party has in mind, no confrontation occurs; otherwise, voters would soon find out they have no say in Primary election for their candidates.

Political scientists break down the American Political history to six systems beginning with the second term of George Washington at 1792. Prior to George Washington becoming President, eight other presidents served as President of the United States under Constitutional Congress- with John Hanson as the first one and Cyrus Griffin as the last one. But that did not work well. So, the Constitution was written in 1787 and ratified the following year. The Constitution addressed the role of the Federal and State Governments, and the role of Executive Branch. In 1789, George Washington was elected as the first president under the Constitution by the states' electors. George Washington was elected unanimously in both terms he served. Personally, George Washington was not a Partisan person and did not believe in political parties. But, it was during his second term that marks the beginning of the First Party System. With obvious reasons, everyone around George Washington was jockeying for Power. The First Party System Which lasted until end of Monroe's second term, 1824; it was the battle ground between Federalist and Non-Federalist Parties. The Second Party System is marked with the 1824 Presidential election. By that time The Federalist Party was dismantled and Non-Federalist Party, Democratic-Republican Party, was split to Democratic Party and Whig Party. The Democratic Party from this split is considered the present Democratic Party.

Throughout the years, America went through four more Party Systems with each one spanning over a few decades. And it is said that we are in the Sixth Party System. But the reality of the situation is that The Sixth Party System ended in 1992. In fact, American Party systems ceased to exist with the election of President Clinton. So, if anyone asks you what Party System governs over the American Political arena, the answer is None, Zero, Zip, Nada. The American Party System is dead, it is deceased, it is no more and its epitaph was written by special groups, mainly by super rich Jewish American Zionist who make up more than half of the wealth of the country. You can read here and here, what the Zionists are doing to the country.

By reviewing the rise and fall of these Party Systems, one fact stands out and that is how these parties looked after the welfare of the country and the people. Even though, only two parties dominated the field, other parties did exist and had some success in getting people to follow them and the two main parties addressed major issues of the time.

Limiting power of the Federal Government or Finance of the Government at the Federal Level was the main issues in the First Party System. The slavery, treatment of Native Americans, and expansion of the union were the main issues the Second Party dealt with. The Third Party System also dealt with race and industrialization of the country. The seed of problems to come was sown started with the Third Party System, but even this party system served the people and the country.

Fast forward through the remaining three Party systems, we can easily observe how the Government was on the side of the people most of the time and the Government looked after the good of the people and the country.

We can't ignore the corruption that went on within these systems; I guess we need to accept it and say "That's politics". In 1824 election, probably Andrew Jackson should have been the President with the Majority votes but collusion between Henry Clay and Adams stole Presidency from Jackson. In Many other elections, people's votes were bought by the elites of the community, but with all that, the system provided a path that people lived better and in general the country moved forward.

So what happened in 1992, why don't we have a legitimate party system, and if we don't, then why people still go and vote. Well, nothing happens overnight, these things take years to take shape. We can go back in time and find the roots of the problem and at the same time look at the present time for evidence. Well, one of these evidences just raised its ugly head and it was right before everyone's eyes to see. I am talking about the AIPAC event in Washington where all these Presidential hopefuls showed up to suck up on the money men. Hillary needs to get her Head Out Of Israel's derriere and Messrs. Trump, Cruz, Ryan,...stop sucking up to Israel.

As long as these candidates stumble on each other to pledge their allegiance to Israel, we will not have a legitimate political system. Another example of the Zionist death grip on America is through Christian Zionist or Christian Talibans which their number is close to 50 million Americans. These people are duped by many organizations that are supported by Israeli's. And in this election they have two favorite candidates Cruz and Rubio. The money for these candidates comes from people like Sheldon Adelson. This is the same guy who suggested to Nuke Tehran to make Iranians stop their nuclear program. This guy spent over 80 million dollars on Romney in the previous election and we know how that ended. Now, he has two dogs in this race and spent tens of millions of dollars so far. Adelson even called on Romney to make phone calls on behalf of his new puppets, Cruz and Rubio. What a shame, and Romney wanted to be the President of the free world, he is acting like a gofer right now- I guess he knows who the boss is.

What we have witnessed since 1992 is that the Presidents are acting as a goon for Israel at the behest of Billionaire Jewish American Zionist. It is embarrassing to see the leaders-to-be for the most powerful nation on earth act in such a loathsome manner with no dignity for themselves. They are willing to sell the good of the country and the people just to become the puppet of these crooks.

Long gone are the days when a President saw his duty to serve his country and the people. Long gone is the time a President like James Polk made a promise to serve only one term and serve the country to the best of his abilities in that one term. Long gone is the time when a President like George Washington accepted the Presidency with reluctance with concern of not being able to do an effective job. Nowadays, you find a President like George Bush giving himself a raise or a President like Barack Obama asking for more money for when he is leaving the White House. Nowadays, you find bunch of mountebanks to run for the office in hope of enriching themselves by becoming President. Last thing on their mind is the welfare of the country and the people. Clintons went from rags to riches once they left the White House, from a bankrupt couple to a couple who amassed hundreds of millions of dollars. And, please someone tell me what is it these people do that makes them this kind of Money. What's amazing is they are not done, they want to gorge at the Public Trough again. Why she is running is obvious, she knows how to follow orders and while doing that she enriches herself. She has backing of many Jewish American Zionist, in particular the support of Israeli Haim Saban. So this is what America has to look forward to- either we have Mr. Cruz who is supported by Nut-nYahoo's best friend Sheldon Adelson or Ms. Clinton who is supported by Haim Saban. Their contributions to both parties are around hundreds of millions of dollars. What a shame. does a good job showing the flow of money but does not give you the whole story.

If America wants to have a legitimate party system, it needs to get rid of its interests groups and foreign entities. America needs to get rid of destructive laws such as Citizens United law. It needs to create a level playing field for all parties to offer their platforms. The two party system may have worked for two hundred years but it is time to erase the monopoly of these two corrupt parties and promote other parties to flourish. The old trick of Welfare/Warfare distribution of wealth is no way to give people hope. The only citizens who benefit from this Welfare/Warfare approach are the top 0.01 percent super rich.

It is a very disheartening spectacle for a naturalized citizen who has pledged the allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America to see these presidential candidates pledge allegiance to the flag of the State of Israel. America does not need AIPAC, a foreign entity, to vet out so called Presidential candidates. Organizations like AIPAC do not want to take any chances with these candidates, they want to make sure whoever ends up in White House, would remember Israel comes first. If we didn't know any better, we would have thought it is a requirement for Presidential candidates to have a Jew or Israeli family member. The way Mr. Trump made sure everybody knows his son-in-law is Jewish, so is his daughter and his grand kids, or Hillary Clinton has to let everyone know his son-in-law is Israeli and their granddaughter is Israeli.

We need candidates who genuinely believe in "America First" slogan. This slogan should not be just a slogan or an afterthought. We need to reclaim our Party system by promoting other parties who genuinely have the interest of America in their platforms. Throughout the years, other parties tried to have a say in the election but the cartel of these two parties have stifled any effort by other parties. This cartel with the help and engineering of neo-conservatives and neo-liberals has destroyed what was a proud political system. It is time to support parties with "America First" slogan and revive the American Party system where people independently can voice their opinion. Vote Libertarian, Green, Constitution, or any other party but do not vote for either of these two non-parties.

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