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Forouzan, Persian film star in Pahlavi era, passes away in Tehran

01/26/16 - Forouzan, one of the big stars of Persian popular cinema in 1960s and 1970s died in Tehran. She was 78.

Forouzan (Parvin Kheirbakhsh)

Forouzan, born Parvin Kheirbakhsh, acted in various popular films such as Ganj-e Ghroun (directed by Siamak Yasemi, 1965), Dalahu (1967), Raghaseh-ye Shahr (Shapoor Gharib, 1970) and Dayereh-ye Mina (Dariush Mehrjoui, 1978).

Forouzan (also transcribed as Foroozan) was also famous for her sexy dances in the films and her presence in any film was the guarantee for the financial success of the production.

VIDEO: FOROUZAN dance in 1967 film DALAHU

After 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran she was banned from acting in any film. She never gave any interviews and did not attend the public events after 1979, but she still remained a loved actress even amongst the young Persians who were born after the revolution.

Since Forouzan's death on 24 January, Persian-language websites, forums and social media have became full of posts and articles in memory of this iconic actress. 

Forouzan was born in 1937 in Bander Anzali, northern Persia and died on 24 January 2016 in Tehran. 

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