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Babies Switched at Birth: Two families on emotional roller coaster over nurse's grave mistake

Source: Tehran Times

TEHRAN - On a popular show called Mah-e Asal that goes on air in Iran during the holy month of Ramadan, one true story went quite viral this year. Two families learned the hard way that their babies were switched at birth after passage of almost a year.

The story began when a newly married couple, the Omidvars living in the city of Shiraz, southern Fars province, took their 10-month-old baby for a trip to pediatrician office; however the routine checkup turned into a big shock.

The doctor informed the family of their baby's slow development. Suspicious of mother's milk, he sent the mom for some lab tests, and this is where the story takes a turn.

Looking at the test results in disbelief, the doctor broke the bad news to Mr. and Mrs. Omidvar. "Your baby is down with a rare genetic blood disorder that none of you have had, to top it all, the baby's blood type does not match yours."

After that doctor's visit, the marriage was in for a bumpy ride. The thought of marital infidelity was taking root in Mr. Omidvar's mind when they decided to go for a DNA test, the result of which took two long months to come out.

"The wait didn't feel like two months rather twenty years," Mrs. Omidvar said. I couldn't bare the heavy burden of my husband's suspicion, neighbors' cold and mean look, relatives ... "our marriage was going through some really rough patches."

The result was finally out and the unbelievable happened. The child was not theirs.

"Switched at Birth" or "Mistaken Identity" film poster

The couple immediately filed a complaint against the hospital and began investigation. After months of search, thankfully they met the other family, the Keshavarzs, who live in another city in Fars province.

A few months back, Mr. and Mrs. Keshavarz received a phone call from the hospital asking them to take their baby for a blood test.

That test, too, came as a shock to the family, proving the couple was not the baby's biological parents.

The two families eventually got to meet to prepare the ground for swapping the babies, a process which requires great deal of care, dealing with babies and parents emotional and psychological trauma.

According to psychologists, the dreadful experience of separation of the baby from his caregivers can leave permanent scars on all parties involved, therefore the families were advised to live in one house or in their close proximity for a while before the separation takes place.

The story ends happily here, but perhaps the emotional trauma taking its toll on both families will remain.

We all make mistakes. True. But some are far more costly than others. One careless mistake from a nurse who perhaps was having a bad day, turned out traumatizing two families and their newborn babies.

The families say the nurse at fault is yet to come forward to apologize.

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