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American Presidential Election: An Illusion of Democracy

Opinion article by Sina Alavi

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

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Einstein takes credit for the saying that goes like this. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." In reality you don't have to be an Einstein to know this, you'd think it's common sense to come to this conclusion. But, when it comes to the Presidential elections, this proverb stands. Every four years, a little more than half of the eligible voters cast their votes for a Republican or a Democratic candidate and they expect for things to change for better in the country. But, the only changes they get are the changes for worst- at least for past thirty years. Then, the question is why these presidents do not fulfill what they promise, and do not follow the will of the people, after all We The People elect these so-called leaders to serve us. Well, not so fast...let's dig deeper into these elections and parties to understand what's going on. As I wrote in this article, here, the political parties do not exist as they did in past days of yesteryear. And, presidents have turned into corporate shills.

What is apparent to everyone in America- at least to those who care and follow the politics in this country- is how dandy of a job the establishment and the elites have done to destroy the American Political System. That's not to say people are not political any more- far from it. Definitely, less people are interested in the political system but those who are involved, showing more fanaticism and are much louder and making more noise to a point of being shrill so no one can hear them.

It is very tiring to have a dialog with the other side on any issue- the establishment has done their best for us to have only two sides on every issue so we don't have to strain ourselves with too many views and too many options on any subject. Very simple, you are either for something or against it - sort of what I call dichotomical world- if there is such a word.

If you're a Democrat you are pro-abortion and anti-gun, and if you are Republican you are anti-abortion and pro-gun. Wow, can't get any simpler than that, now let's rally around these big issues and make this country a better place to live while our liberty is being taken away one law at a time and the economy is going down the tube. Most people don't even know what the real issues ought to be. The media keeps people in the dark about the real issues and only reflect the sensational balderdash news- I wrote about this, here. If you ask people what TPP or NAFTA stands for they don't even know what they are or if you ask them about the impact of new healthcare law on businesses or what they think about Patriot Act, or Citizen United, they don't even know what you're talking about. Or ask them why long term CD's don't pay 6 or 7 percent interest like in the near past and pays only 1% interest. When it comes to foreign policy, forget it- I wonder if John Kerry knows what that is.

So, then, why is this?...what gives.

To understand how this shenanigan works, we need to take a layer off the top or for those of you who remember 1992 presidential election, Ross Perot, the independent presidential candidate, used to say we need to get under the hood to see the working of this thing. What you see under the hood are the establishment and the elites, and their sycophant minions. You don't have to be a deft mechanic to see this- with this election cycle, even Ray Charles could see it clearly.

So, who is the establishment and why is it bad? To put the answer in a nutshell- every industry and every segment of our society has an embedded part of the establishment who shows resistance to change because they are doing great within the status quo and they gain more grounds and get stronger if nothing changes while majority of American people suffer from this status quo. Every segment, starting with the Government, Media, Entertainment, Energy, pharmaceutical, Health Care, Insurance, Defense Contractors, Technology, on and on...they make up the establishment that are taking American people for a ride. American people are too busy paying bills and taking care of their children, and living their lives. No soccer Mom has time or understanding of the fact that are being directed towards serfdom by the establishment.

The Establishment is too busy creating the illusion that gives the sense of change, a feeling that changes are taking place in a progressive manner where in fact nothing is changing and the status quo persists. One glaring evidence for people to see is the dismal performance of the current administration. Our illustrious President, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, after eight years of hope and change has only failures to show- to enumerate the failures is out of the scope of this article. As far as establishment is concerned, he has served them well. From pharmacutical firms to insurance companies to defense contractors, they are all very satisfied. Instead of creating jobs for Americans, they are giving food stamps in record numbers- number of recipients has increased by 16 million to the total of 47 million- that is one out of every seven Americans- that is just shameful.

2016 primary elections, like no other primaries, exposed the degree of corruption in the election and total control of the establishment on the process. To begin with, we know no outsider is allowed to become a candidate, only vetted candidates are permitted to run for president, I did write about this subject, here. But, the most amazing part of this primary is that the establishment is even rejecting one of their own, namely Donald Trump, due to his fickle character.

A quick review of the primary shows that how the whole thing was choreographed from the beginning to the end. Democrats fielded bunch of losers against Hillary and they thought it would be a slam dunk. Lo and behold, here comes this socialist, named Bernie Sanders, throwing everything off. For a while the Democratic Party was running helter-skelter before they figured out what to do about this socialist. They definitely did not hold back on anything to dissuade people not to support this guy. I mean how desperate people must be when they vote for a socialist in a country that epitomizes Capitalism. People do recognize phony Crony Capitalism that is why out of desperation they vote for a decent candidate like Bernie Sanders who cares about American people. Of course what followed in the convention was coronation of Hillary Clinton as the nominee. Bernie Sanders like a good puppy betrayed his supporters and sold them out and he followed order like a good soldier. Total domination of the establishment. Even the choice of location is ironic- Wells Fargo Center, Just read the news on the CEO of this bank and the scandals. Just a few days ago, the CEO resigned and you would think he ended up in jail, not so, he collected 137 million dollars on his way out. This is how these corrupt financial corporations are stealing money from hard working Americans.

On the Republican side, was no better. It is hard to choose between the words circus or zoo or orgy for these primaries. Sixteen candidates, doesn't matter how many, make it two hundred, they all sounded the same. No substance in what they offered, but what they all unanimously agreed with on was their allegiance to the state of Israel, except one dude who had a different tune on that. Donald Trump, being who he is did not quite follow everybody else. That was enough to alarm the establishment of a rogue behavior. Even though Trump epitomizes the establishment, his talks were more of rabble-rousing than what the establishment could stomach. From DOD contractors to Multi-National Companies to H1-B laden companies, they see trouble in Trump. Even though, we all know if he gets elected not much will change, just like what we experienced with Obama Administration. When Trump claims the system is rigged, he is totally accurate but what he doesn't say is that he is part of this rigged system.

So, what we see is the result of a hard work of the establishment for past few decades to make sure the two parties are one and the same. Replacing the traditional Democrats and Republicans with Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives- which essentially represent the same platform: pro globalization, pro war, and pro welfare. It is all to serve the big corporations. American Hi-Tech companies are run over by H1-B workers, especially from India, taking the jobs from Americans- it is the biggest con job to keep the wages down by bringing these incompetent workers, thanks to the likes of Bill Gates and Larry Ellison. The establishment wants perpetual war so the Military Industrial Complex can keep making money at the expenses of Iraqi's and Yemeni's. Meanwhile we put close to 50 million people on food stamp so they don't starve from unemployment. Here is a novel idea, try retraining some of these people for these Hi-Tech companies.

Having Bush family saying they will vote for Hillary Clinton should clear the air for those who still don't believe in the establishment. It just doesn't add up for a family who produced two Republican Presidents to vote for Democratic candidate unless there is no difference between two parties- and the main criteria in presidency is to elect who conforms to the status quo and serves the establishment best and leaves Americans high and dry.

Why stop there, Mitt Romney, Koch family, Bechtel family, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Adelson, these are all Zionist Republicans who are going to vote for Hillary Clinton because there is no difference between Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals. Victor Gold in his book, "Invasion of the party-snatchers", explained how the Republican Party was taken over by these Neo-Cons. The same process took place in the Democratic Party but under a different title, they are called Neo-Liberals. The Neo-Liberals are supported by the likes of ardent Israeli Zionist Haim Saban, Paul Singer, Carlos Slim, Zuckerberg, Zuckerman, Howard Stringer, and George Soros- literally hundreds more.

How does the establishment machine works. After all, it sounds like an unwieldy behemoth. With the elites at its helm and the minions acting as cogs, this machine keeps on going. With every faux election, they get legitimized to keep the status quo going. Any deviation from the set path, the establishment accuses of non-conformist to isolationism, nativism and protectionism.

Since everyone from Media/Entertainment, corporations, academia to the Government is in cahoots together, these sycophant minions are empowered to propagate the narrative handed down to them by the establishment and using their hall pass they can go from one venue to another. So long as their sermon is praising the establishment, they get lucrative deal and make big bucks. Take for example Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, who gets credit for Iraq invasion, went from the Government to the Corporations onward to the academia- this guy was a major member of the Bilderberg group. The revolving doors created between these sectors are a disgrace to the Republic and Democracy. Mr. George Stephanopoulos who went from the Government to Media and is a contributor to the Clinton Foundation cannot be impartial when he interviews the democrats- the same goes for Ms. Donna Brazile moving from Media to the Government. In a recent release of documents from WikiLeaks, it was revealed that the media is in contact with Hillary Clinton campaign team on most interviews; and questions are given to the Hillary Clinton's camp prior to the on air interview. Interesting to note that Ms. Donna Brazile was named as one the minions who passed on information to Hillary Clinton camp while she was working for ABC News. So, what happened to journalistic integrity.

And the same goes for people like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, just to name a few. Or take Mr. Robert Reich, who was Clinton's Secretary of Labor, moved from the government to the academia and is busy with his propaganda. Mr. David Petraeus, former head of the CIA, is a very good example of this nonsense, going from the Government to the corporate life onward to academia.

The revolving door between the government and the corporations is the most disheartening one. Not to minimize the impact of the path between Media and the government- this makes the Media a mouth piece of the Government. Nowhere have we seen the impact of the revolving door more than when Bill Clinton was elected as President. The king maker in this case was Robert Rubin, a Goldman Sachs guy, who with the help of a few others, Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers, made Bill Clinton the President. In turn, Bill Clinton returned the favor by appointing them to various positions- or one might say he set the foxes to guard the henhouse. Rubin wasted no time to get rid of many laws which protected American people from banksters. Once his mission was accomplished he went back to Citigroup to collect bigger paychecks and what followed in the next two decades was many market crashes including Dot Net bubble and Housing bubble.

One of the most interesting cases is the EpiPen fiasco which is brought to you by these sycophant opportunists working for elites. The current CEO of Mylan, Heather Bresch, whose daddy is Mr. Joe Manchin, former West Virginia Governor and current West Virginia Senator, got hired by Mylan when daddy, back when he was the Governor, mentioned to the CEO that his daughter is looking for a job. Fast forward a few years, Ms. Heather Bresch is the CEO and she just got a raise from $2.5 Million to $19 Million while she raised the price of EpiPen from $100 to $600 per pop. Since this company has monopoly on the product, they can set the price to whatever their hearts desire. This lady had the audacity to tell the Congress that she is blessed to get a raise like this. Of course, with daddy in the Senate, no Democrats on the Oversight Committee dare to say anything. This is a prime example of the workings of the establishment and its minions and how at the end American people are screwed.

In a country where we have close to 50 million people on food stamp, a minion like Leonardo DiCaprio hosts a $33,400-a-plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton or another sycophant opportunist like George Clooney charges $350,000 to have you sit with him and his buddy Hillary Clinton. Not to be outdone by Hollywood minions, Mr. Haim Saban, the super Israeli elite donates millions of dollars to Hillary's campaign. Bob Iger from Disney and Jeff Katzenberg from DreamWorks show their affection to her in the same manner. Warren Buffet's daughter throws a party and charges each guest $100K. Michelle Burger throws a party to the tune of $300K.

What are these minions and elites trying to do? It's very simple to understand, they want to keep the system going. They just don't give money for nothing, everyone of them has a lot to gain from the status quo and a lot to lose if real changes take place in the country. This only confirms the fact the system we have is a plutocracy and the real losers are the American people.

These people love their parallel universe; they are the one who introduced us to the term "PC" culture back in mid-1980. And, I am not talking about Personal Computer, no; they were teaching us a new concept called "Political Correctness". In order to make the Globalization work for the big corporations, they needed homogeneous, conformist people and what better than the concept of "PC".

They also love to compartmentalize us to different groups "Asians", “Latinos,” “Hispanics”, "Whites", "Brown People", “African-Americans”. That makes it easier for them to manage us especially when it comes to elections. So, systematically, they can throw us some sop so we can shut up and say thank you Republican Party, thank you Democratic Party. Within these groups, there are people who take advantage and act as the same sycophant opportunist, or can be called ethnic pimps, who enrich themselves in the name of defending "their people".

But in reality, the country has become more divided and that is the side-effect of this "PC" culture. This is not a united country and has not been for the past three decades. American values have been degraded and replaced with corrupt corporate values which only promote division between various segments of the society, instead of promoting the American values of integrity and respect for each other.

Platforms from so called political parties do not mean anything anymore; the American political system has become transactional. All politicians lie and tell their constituents what they want to hear so they would get elected, and it is the worst for the highest office of the land.

As far as this year's election goes, Donald Trump is a sleazy buffoon who doesn't have a chance to win and no one should vote for him. He has tapped into a misguided desperation in many Americans with his slogan of Making America Great Again. It is somewhat amusing to see they are portraying him as a womanizer like he would be the first president who is a womanizer. This should not even be a measure in American politics. Only rival to Donald Trump sleaziness is Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, who has been hanging out with his good friend Jeffery Epstein who is a wealthy financier. The only issue with Bill Clinton's friend is that he is sex offender who has served time in jail but got out early. Bill Clinton's friend owns a Boeing 727 known as the "Lolita Express"; he also owns an island, Little St. James Island, known as “Orgy Island.” The troubling part of this friendship is the fact that Bill Clinton, according to the flight logs to the island, has travelled to his friend's island 26 times. You may ask what's wrong with visiting your friend, well; this island is mainly occupied by girls between the ages of 14 and 17 who are there to entertain rich people, including our former president, Bill Clinton. Bubba will have some good ol'time in the White House with interns as the first first Husband.

So even if sleazy Donald Trump doesn't get elected, we will have a sleaze ball in the White House. These sleaze balls are in good company- President Harding had an extramarital Affairs with a Nazi sympathizer and also with his best friend's teenage daughter who he referred to as his "niece" and he made her pregnant at the age of 22; Franklin Roosevelt, the beloved FDR, had a long time mistress and died in her arms on vacation; and of course John F. Kennedy, with this one no one knows where to begin, let's just say Marilyn Monroe.

Since Donald Trump has no political track record he has been able to fool many Americans by positioning himself as an outsider and anti-establishment candidate but he is the establishment, so voting for him is voting for the establishment and nothing will change with his presidency.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton has a very long rap sheet that shows exactly where she stands on issues. But, what we call rap sheet is a perfect resume for a qualified candidate to be president as far as the establishment is concerned. In fact she had passed her test with flying colors back in 2008 along with Barack Obama, as I wrote about ithere. It may be that she lost the coin toss and the establishment decided to move forward with Obama, but now is her turn. Let's not forget, she has been very busy in the past eight years in making her resume even better by acting as a Secretary of State and as a private citizen working for Clinton Foundation. This foundation is the core of the Clinton Cartel that has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars by selling America to foreign Governments while serving the establishment.

In a recently leaked document by Wikileaks, it reveals that in a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs, she admits that she has always two positions on every issue- a public position and a private position. Basically, what she is saying is- she says whatever people want to hear so they would vote for her but once she is elected she is there to serve her bosses. She knows where she is getting paid the big bucks from. Wall Street bankers have paid her millions in speech fees in past three years. The darling of the establishment, Hillary Clinton has the following items on her agenda once she becomes president.

  1. Hillary Clinton is pro NAFTA and TPP, which causes more job losses. She is either clueless on fair trade or doesn't care.
  2. Hillary Clinton is vehemently against banning fracking.
  3. Hillary Clinton is against students protecting themselves from student loan payoff under bankruptcy law. Students loans must be paid off or they go to jail.
  4. Hillary Clinton is very interventionist, which means more wars which means more dead Americans. She showed her knack in Libya. Her comments on Libya still resonate. With an ominous laugh and no decency she made the comment "We Came, We Saw, He died", can't get any more professional than that.
  5. Hillary Clinton is pro invading Syria; she would love to make Syria like Libya. She is thinking of creating a no fly zone- which definitely brings clash with Russia.
  6. Hillary Clinton is pro war in Yemen through proxy or directly, more misery for one of the poorest countries of the world.
  7. Hillary Clinton supports Welfare/Warfare system that has been crippling American economy.
  8. Hillary Clinton is planning on appointing Michael Morell as CIA Director. Really classy Guy, he has called for killing Iranians to pay a price for helping Syria.
  9. Hillary Clinton is planning on appointing Michele Flournoy as the head of DOD. I know this is a lady, but she will make Donald Rumsfeld look like a Saint.
  10. Hillary Clinton continues the fake fight against ISIS and Al-Qaida.

In a book called "Clinton Cash", it is explained how Clinton Cartel made millions of dollars in unsavory ways from getting Ericsson Corporation off the embargo list for $750 thousand to profiting from the Haiti earthquake by doling out contracts to friends. The recent Wikileaks dump confirms most of these activities.

In a country of over 320 million people, the establishment has come up with the two worst candidates. It is actually worse than that, they have already chosen Hillary Clinton as the next president, that's why every facet of the establishment is supporting her and all the minions working hard in the media to make her coronation a glorious one.

The establishment has already made Clinton Cartel rich; they have gone from being broke to amassing wealth close to a Billion dollars. And, you may ask what expertise they may have that can make them so much money. The answer is simple, selling out America. One look at her campaign contribution shows names of usual suspects like Banks, Pharmaceutical and Insurance firms, but you also see donors who in a normal election contribute to the Republican ticket but this election they are contributing to Hillary Clinton- names like Halliburton, the Koch brothers, and most wall street Hedge-funds.

Jimmy Carter called the current American political systems an Oligarchy. He can't be more right. A few powerful elites are financing their own horses in the race and we the people have no other choice.

American people deserve better than this.

It is time for people to take back their government from this arrogant plutocracy. This election will not bring the dramatic changes that would help America right away- but, by not voting for these two candidate we are taking one small step in showing that we need meaningful changes. By not voting we are sending a message to the establishment and the elites that their hegemony on economy will be over soon. People need to learn from the establishment how to come together. With a slightest chance of Trump winning, the establishment and the elites felt insecure, and they came together on every front and deployed all their minions in the Media to make sure Trump is obliterated so they could keep their power and privileges. We the people need to come together to oust the establishment. We do not need to be pacified by an African-American President or the first woman president. Having a president from a minority group is no guarantee of a kinder gentler president.

Exercise your right as an American citizen and do not vote for these two corrupt candidates. If you want to vote, vote for other candidates like Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or anyone else. No one should vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, if you are a feminist and would like to vote for woman, vote for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein- Every item on Jill Stein's platform is worth voting for. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for perpetuation of the same disastrous policies of past thirty years.

I don't want to sound cliche and say vote your conscience. What I say is be conscientious when you vote. Even if you don't care about the domestic issues, remember the atrocities committed in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and many other countries in Africa. Just check on internet to see hundreds of women and children killed and maimed in these countries for these policies. How can one go to bed and sleep with peace at night knowing they voted for someone who will continue with these policies. A vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is a vote for perpetuation of the misery for these people.

There are a large number of people who do not vote. Out of 320 million people, 235 million are eligible to vote but over 100 million people do not vote; they must have figured out that the system is rigged and their vote makes no difference in the end. We need to join them by not voting for the establishment. All I can say is Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in his grave like he is on a rotisserie thanks to the current corrupt political system.

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