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Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra To Perform Concert for Peace


Source: Tavoos Art

Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra will perform on 24 and 25 September 2016 at Roudaki Hall after 2 years of silence. Directed by Arash Guran Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra will resume its work after 2 years of silence in a new way and context.

Guran who was selected as one of the 20 best orchestral conductors of George Enescu International Competition in Romania and won the honorary diploma of "Black Sea" international competition is rehearsing with Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra to bring about a new look at war tragedies and to produce an inspiring and promising peaceful impression in this concert.

Arash Gooran

Dmytri Tkachenko, the famous Ukrainian violinist will also play with Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra in this Peace Concert.

Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Arash Guran began its work in 2006 under the name of Iranian Philharmonic Orchestra, but after Guran left it, it was again revived by him under the new name. According to Guran one of the goals of this orchestra is to discover the true meaning of "ensemble" and reaching an expression and high quality of sound in the music performance in the course of different periods of human history.

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