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Renowned Iranian actor Aref Lorestani dies at 45 due to heart attack


Source: Press TV

Renowned Iranian actor Aref Lorestani, who was generally known for his roles in the comedy series over the past two decades, has died of heart attack at the age of 45.  Born on February 4, 1972 in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah, Lorestani died Saturday morning in sleep.

Late Iranian actor Aref Lorestani
(source: Iranian daily Bani Film)

Lorestani started his professional career by playing a role in a sitcom, dubbed Jong 77, by famous Iranian director Mehran Modiri, in 1998.

He also played in Modiri's some other television shows, one of the most famous one was Qahveye Talkh (Bitter Coffee) in a role of a corrupt police, the first episodes of which were released in 2010.

Iranian actor Aref Lorestani
(artwork by Amin Montazari)

The actor also played roles in a number of cinema movies, including Mani and Neda, by Parviz Sabri, Moadeleh (Equation) and Sham-e Arousi (Wedding dinner) both by Ebrahim Vahidzadeh and Entekhab (Selection) by Touraj Mansouri.

The funeral procession for Lorestani is scheduled to be held in Tehran on Sunday.

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