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Muslims in Abadan, Iran join city's only Christian to celebrate Easter


Sources: Mehr News Agency & Islamic Republic News Agency

Abadan's only church, Surp Karap, is adjacent to Musa ibn Jafar Mosque. Surp Karap Church was built in 1940 and damaged during the Iraq-Iran war. The church was renovated in 1991 and registered as national heritage. On Sunday, Muslims joined the single Christian citizen in the city to mark Easter.

A church and a mosque, juxtaposed in the south-westernmost city of Abadan in Iran's Khuzestan province, provide peculiarity to the story. Imam Jafar al-Sadiq Mosque is adjacent to the church and the majority Muslims generally see their Christian fellow citizen, who is reportedly the only Christian in the city, attending the church to pray and observe the Christian rituals.

When the bell rang to mark the Easter Sunday, Muslims also observed the day, going to the church to show reverence to the Christianity and their compatriot.

This highlighted the symbiosis of different religions in the city and was a brilliant way to display tolerance by the residents of Abadan.

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