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30 Iranian Fools Outside Trump Tower Begging For A Regime Change Handout

By Ali Moayedian

30 Iranians "liberals and activist" have sought refuge at the Trump Tower begging the President-elect to tear up the Iran nuclear agreement, institute even tougher sanctions on their homeland, and to bring about regime change there.

"The 30 Traitors"
(source: Iranian daily Sobhe Emrooz)

These Iranians, who give themselves titles such as liberal, civil activist, human rights activist, and so on, wrote an open letter to Trump on December 22, 2016 decrying President Obama's Iran policies, and extending their hands to Trump begging him for a "regime change" in Iran (translation: misery, death and destruction for their countrymen and homeland)!

There was this lady wearing ragged clothes who would sit in front of our local grocery store begging for money. Naturally many people, out of kindness or guilt, would offer her their change or small bills.  Until one day someone spotted her getting into a nice Mercedes Benz after her shift had ended for the day!

The open letter from these 30 fools resembles the beggar lady. Just as she was wearing ragged clothes to gain sympathy of the onlookers, this open letter is full of lies and exaggerations, blaming every pain in the region or even the world on Iran, in order to gain credibility for their deadly cause!   This is an Iranian version of the fabricated "Iraq's WMD intelligence" that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, which resulted in devastation and misery for Iraq and the region.  Of course, the Iraq war also cost American taxpayers over a Trillion dollars and brought death and injury for thousands of Americans soldiers.

These "activists and human rights enthusiasts" are now asking the same country that caused the Iraq mayhem to duplicate that failing experiment in Iran, Well, these 30 fools have nothing to lose since at the end of their shift at Trump Tower, they will get in their fancy cars and drive to the safety of their cozy homes in the West!

Let's now read the open letter together and see what these 30 fools have cooked up!

An open letter by Iranian dissidents to President-Elect Donald Trump

The Honorable Donald Trump
President-Elect of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President-Elect,

We would like to congratulate you on your victory in the Presidential election of the United States of America.

Great way to start the conversation. The 30 fools, the supposedly liberals and activists, have wasted no time in paying lip-service to perhaps the most controversial President-elect in U.S. history!

During the presidential campaign, we and millions of Iranians followed your forthright objection to the nuclear agreement reached between the Obama administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran. We sincerely hope that with your election, the new administration and the United States Congress will have the opportunity for the first time to review the regional and international outcomes of that disastrous agreement without any reservations, as was promised to the voters.

The 30 fools can certainly speak for themselves.  But they are pulling the "millions of Iranians" out of somewhere!  All available data, based on various independent polls, indicate the overwhelming majority of Iranians, as well as Americans, support the nuclear agreement.  In fact, the only opponents of the nuclear agreement in Iran are the hardliners who see their financial interests compromised due to easing of tensions and removal of sanctions!

In 2009, millions of pro-democracy Iranians poured into the streets of Tehran and asked President Obama to support them. To their despair, in what can only be described as an unthinkable shift and a hundred and eighty degree turn on all the principal values of the United States, President Obama's administration was busy conducting secret correspondence with Ayatollah Khamenei, the life-long leader of Iran. At the same time, Ayatollah's cronies were opening fire on protesters. In October 2011, you wisely said "If Obama would've backed the people of Iran two years ago when that county had a big, big problem, we wouldn't have any problems in Iran. That country would've been turned over so fast, instead he abandoned those people." Today, and as a result of the incorrect policies of the past eight years, many pro-democracy Iranians view the United States on the side of their unelected oppressive leader. The hope and trust they once placed in the United States to support freedom and democracy is undermined and can now be amended only through fundamental changes in the U.S. policy which only you can bring forth.

These 30 fools certainly haven't done their homework or learned anything from history.  Democracy cannot be exported!  One only has to look at Iran's neighbors Afghanistan and Iraq, both invaded by U.S. (Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003).  Today neither country is enjoying democracy, and both are grappling with civil war and terrorism.  Also, based on some estimates, over half a million Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion and the instability afterwards.  In recent years almost 1000 Iraqis have been dying each month in terrorist attacks.  This what these "liberals and activists" wish for their homeland!

The Free World has been turning a blind eye to the armed and suicidal Islamic fundamentalism for the last thirty-seven years. This nearsighted neglect has led today to an immense gathering storm, and has brought upon the world woeful tragedies like the "Charlie Hebdo" and "Bataclan" massacres and other similar massacres in Paris, Brussels, Orlando and San Bernardino in the past two years alone. When "Ahmad Qasir", an 18-year-old Lebanese young man, carried out the first suicide bombing of the 20th century, ordered by the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Hezbollah, leading to his death and murder of tens of other souls, there was yet no talk of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In the same vein, the mass murder of the "Charlie Hebdo" writers must be considered as simply another link in a chain that began with the fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini to murder Salman Rushdie, the prize for which offered by the government of Iran currently stands at millions of dollars. Dividing terrorists into good and bad is a mistake. Holding conferences and signing contracts with a regime that offers absolute support for terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, has murdered thousands of brave American soldiers in Iraq and Lebanon, and still insists upon rewarding the murderers of authors and journalists in other countries, will only embolden the Islamic regime of Tehran and lay the groundwork for further horror and pain.

The above paragraph displays the depth of desperation and ignorance of these fools.  Iran's Islamic revolution happened in 1979.  This revolution wasn't any different when it came to excesses, atrocities or extremes.  But that was 37 years ago.  The country has moved on, and there is only a ghost left of that revolution.  Today, what rules in Iran is money not ideology (the same as China).   Also, it is Iran that's been championing the fight against Islamic State (or Daesh), the most extreme terrorist group, which by the way was funded and nurtured by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey (all close U.S. allies!).

Also, when U.S. troops travel thousands of miles to invade Iran's neighbors, how can one fault Iran for trying to protect her interests in the region, regardless of what one thinks about the political system there?  There are many historical ties that bound Iran and her neighbors.  This requires Iran's participation in any decisions impacting the region if diplomacy is going to win over war.  In fact, President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry deserve substantial credit for recognizing this and for acting on it!

The ISIS and the Islamic Republic of Iran are two sides of the coin that is Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. To end this reign of terror, the Islamic caliphate (ISIS) and the Islamic regime in Iran must be replaced with elected pro-peace and prosperity governments.

Do these ignorant fools know there is this country called Saudi Arabia that is practically the founder of ISIS?  Do they know the role of Qatar or Turkey?  And wasn't it Saudi Arabia that brought about the super extreme Taliban in Afghanistan (with help from U.S., when the country was occupied by the Soviet Union)?
And read the second sentence carefully. These illiterates have equated Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) with a government that must be replaced with an elected one!!  Where exactly is this country?  Are these ignorant fools recognizing the territory occupied by ISIS in Iraq and Syria as a new country called Islamic Caliphate?
Here these 30 beggars are clearly asking Trump for regime change in Iran.  They expect Trump to repeat failed experiments in the region, sacrifice thousands of American lives and take hundreds of thousands of Iranian lives. Hurrah to this version of liberalism and activism!!

Unfortunately, Iranians have been among the main victims of the detrimental policies adopted by President Obama in the Middle East. A prime example of these detrimental policies was the secret delivery of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to the Revolutionary Guards in exchange for the release of the hostages. The exchange encouraged the Islamic Republic not only to expand its hostage for cash program, but to double down on its domestic suppression and interference in the region, to the point that our country is now on the brink of an all-out war with its Arab neighbors and other American allies in the region.

More lies!  President Obama didn't do a cash for prisoners' exchange.  The cash delivered to Iran was the money that belonged to Iran the transfer of which was negotiated in parallel to the nuclear talks.  If it wasn't because of the existing sanctions at the time, instead of a cash exchange, the money would've been transferred through banks.  The 30 fools, just like American warmongers, are muddying the water for their own benefits.

We ask the President-Elect to send the clear message that the United States will not tolerate the increasing threats of the Islamic Republic of Iran against its citizens and neighbors. The new administration, in collaboration with the Congress, should expand the existing sanctions and impose new ones on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Supreme Leader's financial empire and direct the U.S. Treasury to strongly enforce them. We ask the incoming administration to develop a comprehensive regime of sanctions against those Iranian officials who have violated the human rights of the Iranian people over the last 4 decades. Iran's ballistic missile program is a threat not only to the region but to the world; we hope the President-elect will form an international coalition to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran and force the regime to cease its pursuit of long-range ballistic missile. We believe the United States should confront the Revolutionary Guards' malicious behavior in the region, in all fronts, and by all available means. The Islamic regime's Achilles' heel is that the Iranian people do no longer support it. We ask the new administration to support the pro-democracy Iranians whose goal is to replace the Khomeinist regime of Tehran with a liberal-democratic government.

Fact: Iran has been fully compliant with the nuclear agreement.
Fact: Iran hasn't invaded any country in the last 200 years.
Fact: Iran has good relations with all her immediate neighbors.
Fact: Iran's military spending in 2015 (<$10B) was less than one fourth that of Saudi Arabia (>$45B) (IHS Jane's).
Fact: Saudi Arabia, the main backer of ISIS, is the main source of extremism in the region.
These 30 keep begging Trump for military and economic action against their homeland.  This is while we've seen the result in other countries in the region (Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria), and while many admit sanctions for the most part have increased the suffering of ordinary Iranians.
But as hopeful as these beggars are, Donald Trump isn't a fool like them.   Trump's financial independence means he isn't going to go with the status quo.  He is even likely to confront Saudi Arabia for spreading extremism and terrorism in the region.  Trump has also displayed public admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, a close ally of Iran.  So, chances that Trump will elevate the US-Iran hostilities is very minimal.  Trump's opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement seems to have been more of a campaign ploy and there is little chance he will nullify the agreement.
Also, these beggars need to know Trump isn't in the business of dishing handouts. He's actually more of a taker than giver!  Don't forget he's the same guy who wants to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!!

The time has come for the United States to stand by the Iranian people instead of holding secret discussions with corrupt Islamic fundamentalists. Iran has the capacity to be one of the most steadfast allies of the United States in the world once the Islamic regime is gone. We hope under your leadership the United States helps the Iranian people to take back their country from the Islamist gang which has been in charge for the last four decades, as the world without the Islamic Republic and the Islamic State is a better place.

Despite what the ignorant 30 advertise, the reality in Iran is very different. The Iran of today is far different than the Iran of 1979.  The revolution has long passed and it is only a slogan today.  Also, based on all available evidencce, Iranian people have no desire to engage in another violent revolution or regime change.  The huge peaceful, and sometimes silent, demonstrations in 2009 was a good indicator of this.  At the same time, there is no doubt Iranians yearn for a political system that responds to their just social, economic and political demands. But they aren't asking for handouts from President-elect Trump or others to reach their goals. They are rather hard at work bringing the changes on their own.  And if anything, open interactions with the outside world will be the best support the West can provide the Iranian people...


Drum roll please:  And the 30 fools are:
  1. Abdolreza Ahmadi - Activist - Former Political Prisoner
  2. Ahmad Batebi - Human Rights Activist - Former Political Prisoner
  3. Ahmad Eshghyar - Activist - Iranian Liberal Students & Graduates
  4. Ali Nazari - Former Political Prisoner - Iranian Liberal Students & Graduates
  5. Alireza Kiani - Former Political Prisoner - Iranian Liberal Students & Graduates
  6. AmirHossein Etemadi - Former Political Prisoner - Int. Center for Liberalism Studies
  7. Amir Yahya Ayatollahi - Researcher in Iranian Studies
  8. Arash Sobhani - Musician - Human Rights Activist
  9. Ashkan Safaei  - Researcher in Middle-East History
  10. Ashkan Yazdchi - Activist - Former Political Prisoner
  11. Avideh Motmaen Far - Journalist - Osteopathic  
  12. Behzad Mehrani - Former Political Prisoner - Iranian Liberal Students Graduates
  13. Borzumehr Toloui - Physicist  
  14. Daniel Jafari - Physician
  15. Hamed Sheibanyrad - Research fellow at French National Center for Scientific Research
  16. Kaveh Shirzad - Activist - Cofounder of Shahrvandyar
  17. Liuna Issagholian - Iranian Liberal Students & Graduates
  18. Majid Mohammadi - Sociologist - Writer and Researcher in Iran Politics & Society
  19. Masood Masjoodi - Mathematician - Iranian Liberal Students & Graduates
  20. Meisam Mehrani - Activist - Iranian Liberal Students & Graduates
  21. Mohamad Afrazeh - Journalist - Civil Activist
  22. Nima Rashedan - Digital Democracy Researcher
  23. Pedram Rafati - Activist - Former Political Prisoner
  24. Saba Farzan - Journalist- Executive Director at Foreign Policy Circle
  25. Salman Sima - Activist - Former Political Prisoner
  26. Shahrzad Karimi - Journalist - Civil Activist
  27. Shay Khatiri - Activist
  28. Shayan Arya - Activist - Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)
  29. Siavash Safavi - Former Political Prisoner - Iranian Liberal Students Graduates
  30. Youhan Najdi - Political Scientist, Economist and Activist


About the author: Ali Moayedian is an Iranian-American professional who lives in Silicon Valley, California.


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