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By Kambiz Zarrabi

To repeat a Persian expression: A fool throws a pebble into a well; it takes a hundred wise men to retrieve it!

So he goes around, as during his recent foreign trip, making bombastic comments reading from a prepared text he was given, not really knowing or even caring what he was uttering, and with no concern about the consequences of his utterances; after all, he does take pride in being an unscrupulous, predatory salesman, whose narrow perspective or focus does not require diplomatic finesse or a knowledge of international affairs. The garbage he was given to read was prepared by some shrewd charlatan with clear ulterior motive, reminiscent of George W. Bush's 2002 State of the Union address when he named Iran a member of the Axis of Evil: another charlatan had written that speech, too.

Trump' formal speech during his visit to Saud's Arabia was such a historical farce, loaded with praise and admiration for a tyrannical ruling clan and despots who appeared to be amused and even surprised by Trump's lavish and clearly hypocritical, even to them, condescending gestures.  Then it was that ridiculous saber-holding "traditional" dance by the American President and his accompanying Cabinet members, hand-in-hand with their Arab hosts, while the sickly old King, Salman, seemed so exhausted and appeared barely awake. You could read in Salman's face what he was thinking of the charade: "Quit the theatricals; you want our money, take all you want as you always have; just don't disgrace us anymore; it's already bad enough for us among our own populations."

Like a typical used car salesman, Mr. Trump had no problem lying and conniving to sell his message. He demonized Iran as the biggest threat to the Arab kingdoms and sheikhdoms, just like the gangsters selling "protection" to business owners in the streets of old Chicago!


What was, and is, even more disgraceful and indeed dangerously callous, is his Cabinet Secretaries, Defense and State in particular, who simply parrot their Clown-in-Chief's anti-Iran rhetoric and repeat the same bull crap in their public statements with a straight face, knowing full-well that what they proclaim is politically, and in my opinion wrongly, motivated jargon.

I am not naive enough to think that any state, from a superpower down to a little dictatorship, is obligated to promote freedom, democracy or good human values as its foreign policy agenda. Effective leaders must do whatever it takes to promote their own nations' interests at whatever cost to anyone else, as long as they can get away with it and at the least cost to their own, and look good doing so. Altruism is simply not woven into the political DNA of our species. Misguided and delusional, the Trump administration isn't even headed in the direction of serving America's best interests in the world stage!

Why is everyone picking on Iran as the primary source of terror and instability in the region and even to the world peace and security? Why is Iran among the six predominantly Islamic states targeted for the Trumpian travel ban? How many terrorists that have wreaked havoc in Europe or America been of Iranian origin or even Shi'a Moslems? Isn't it obvious that the travel ban has absolutely nothing to do with the bullshit about fighting terrorism and keeping America safe? If we are truly worried about potential terrorists finding their way into the United States, why doesn't this travel ban include the known sources of potential problems, countries such as Saud's Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan that have a proven history of breeding and harboring dangerous elements? Why not include Great Britain and France, where their native born citizens have been carrying out acts of terror? Shouldn't Mr. Trump ban the citizens of France and England who have an Arabic-sounding name from entering the United States? Why force Iran into this detestable list? 

Why don't we ever hear anyone on TV or print media, as well as in the US Congress, question the merits of labeling Iran as the "world's number one supporter of international terrorism"; why not? And, by the same token, isn't there even one honest and brave reporter or commentator in the mass media who'd point to Israel, our "wonderful friend and ally: and what a joke that is!", as the true perpetrator of aggression, terrorism, and long known as the violator of international law and human rights since its creation? What are they afraid of? Could it be because they want to keep their jobs?

Any answers to the questions raised above?

I was hoping Mr. Trump, a pragmatic, self-centered, narcissist, would soon get tired of the whole thing and instruct his personal physician to recommend that he resign from his office for health reasons. I was picturing in my mind Trump going on national TV, look disgustingly angry, declaring: I don't have to take this shit anymore; f... you all: Bye-bye!  But then again I thought that his replacement, the Butler-in-Chief VP, would be more scary, as that robotic creature actually believes what he says and, unlike his boss, doesn't fart around and change his mind on a dime, especially about his version of Christian values and ethics!

So what is worse: an unpredictable clueless clown who might just inadvertently do some good for the country; or a very predictable self-righteous crusader who actually knows that Earth is flat, that Islam is evil, and that global warming is fake info propagated by the Chinese to harm the American people?

Is this what the neoconservative masterminds of the Project for the New American Century, PNAC, had in mind? It seems it's headed that way.

About the author:

Kambiz Zarrabi is the author of In Zarathushtra's Shadow and Necessary Illusion.He has conducted lectures and seminars on international affairs, particularly in relation to Iran, with focus on US/Iran issues. Zarrabi's latest book is Iran, Back in Context.



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