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The "#LiveTogether Norooz Challenge" spreading message of tolerance



Over the past few days, the viral "Norooz Challenge" has brought Americans & Iranians together to broadcast "Happy New Year" in Persian, then challenge friends to follow suit.  The Highlights include:

... and it's spreading virally, with the boldest example yet:

Help make this campaign and its message of tolerance reach millions. Please take a moment today to do the Norooz Challenge and spread the word.

To do the Norooz Challenge: 3 easy steps

  1. Pair up with a friend: one Iranian, one not.

  2. Broadcasting on Facebook LIVE together, say "Happy New Year" in Persian

  3. Challenge three friends to follow suit, and tag #LiveTogether

(Visit for detailed instructions, including options for Instagram, Twitter, or to broadcast live from two different locations.)

Spread the word. Aside from broadcasting your own Norooz Challenge, please consider sharing one of the videos above and/or forwarding this message to others who are active on social media.

The Norooz Challenge is the first of several challenges in the #LiveTogether campaign, with a theme of crossing borders and cultures to put our similarities above our differences.

Participating in #LiveTogether elevates us beyond just the Iranian-American community. We are strongest when we stand together with our fellow Americans, including standing up for others in future Challenges such as Passover, Cinco de Mayo, and LGBT Pride.

Some of the videos shared on Twitter:


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