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Preview Screening Of Two Feature Films 'Man' & 'Three Worlds' By Amir Motlagh At Chicago Filmmakers


Brooklyn, NY - LA based, award winning Iranian-American filmmaker Amir Motlagh along with producing partner and Chicago based filmmaker Charles Borg are set to preview two new feature films - MAN, Three Worlds in a double feature screening hosted by Chicago Filmmakers on April 21st, 2018 at 6 PM in Chicago, IL.

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From Chicago Filmmakers, event information


MAN (85 mins), Three Worlds (90 mins)
Suggested donation: $10
Reception: 6PM - 6:30PM
Screening: 6:30PM
A brief intermission will occur between films.

Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N. Ridge Avenue, 60660 Chicago, IL
(773) 293-1447

About the films:

The films are part of a larger body of work titled THREE MARKS, TOO MANY SIGNALS that also includes the 2016 film and visual album CANYON.


MAN (2018) is a verite-style day-in-the-life story about a computer programmer who lives a secluded existence in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon. His sole real-life companions are his two dogs; everyone else--friends, colleagues, family he only connects with through technological mediation; via phones and computers.

MAN (2017)

MAN was a recent recipient of an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.

A teaser trailer is available for MAN:

Here is what some are saying about MAN:

"The themes of Man are extremely relevant and poignant as material possession and technological developments conflict with physical, human connection like Jonze's 'Her'... It's exciting to see modern representation of romance... I have not felt so conscious about my interactions and introspective feelings..... in a long time." Timothy Noordermeer - Indie film journalist and critic
"An engrossing little film... there's something deeply honest about it... it paints such an intimate, simple portrait of a day." Matthew Misetich - Senior Executive at Script Pipeline.
"This is fantastic. [Man] achieves a very even, coherent aesthetic, which for something like this is a fine line to walk... specifically how humans are changing because of digital media and technology - the 'always connected' network... I am very impressed". Chad Davis, Digital Producer, Northwestern University.

Three Worlds

Three Worlds (2018) is a psychological science fiction drama that explores the three lives, or worlds, of a man who undergoes an experiment that triggers haunting memories and alternate life memories.

Three Worlds (2018)

Trailer for Three Worlds will be available in late March.

Amir Motlagh is the lead actor and the director of both MAN and Three Worlds.

About the director and lead actor of MAN and Three Worlds

Amir Motlagh (Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer) strives for an increasingly interdisciplinary approach at creating media and telling stories. He is an award-winning Iranian American filmmaker by trade and practice, having written and directed over 15 narrative and non-fiction projects that have screened all over the world, and experienced every form of distribution. He's also experienced first hand the power of the internet when one of this early DIY short films spread virally before the term was popularized. He received a BA in Psychology from UCLA, and an MFA in Production with an emphasis in Directing at Chapman University.

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