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Iranian Female Billiard Player Gets Snookered On 'Un-Islamic Conduct' Charges

Source: Radio Farda

Iranian sports authorities have banned a female billiards champion from competition, accusing her of un-Islamic conduct.

Akram Mohammadi Amini
(2017 file photo)

Akram Mohammadi Amini, the first Iranian female billiards player to win an international medal, has been banned from competition for two years for allegedly violating Islamic dress code and smoking during a recent tournament. The decision was issued by the Islamic Republic's Billiards, Bowling, and Boxing Federation, which has also barred Amini from entering sports arenas for two years. The federation says Ms. Amini has the right to appeal the decision.

Reacting to the ruling, Amini tweeted sarcastically, "Nothing surprises me anymore. Here [in Iran] the truth is abundant along with justice."

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آیا جز این میتوان برداشت نمود که آقایون دنبال منافع و خواستهای خودشون بودند و چون هر کسی را همراه خودشان ندیدند در صدد حذف آن برآمدند؟ البته بنده منکر نمی شوم بودند کسانی که در این بین سر تعظیم به محضر ایشان فرود آوردند و مورد رحمت ایشان قرار گرفتند غافل از آنکه از رحمت الهی دور ماندند و با سکوت و همراهی ایشان در ظلمی که به من و دیگران شده، کوتاهی نکردند که اوندسته هم خودشون میدونند و خدای خودشون!!! اما بنده یک خانم هستم و ایکاش همونطوری که میگید بارها و بارها به بنده اخطار داده شده(البته بدون وجود هیچ سندی) و اینجانب را یکطرفه و ناعادلانه و کاملا بصورت سلیقه‌ای محاکمه نمودید!! همونطور هم دیگران رو (از ریاست گرفته تا اطرافیان بادمجون دور قاب چین و نون به نرخ روز خورشون) نسبت به رفتارها و عملکردهای دور از شأن انسانیت بازخواست میکردید!!! کسی که عده‌ای رو دور خودش حصار کرده که اونها هم بعضا از باطن ایشون بی خبرند و بعضا با آگاهی تبر بدست گرفتند و با ابزار قدرت و زور هر صدایی رو در نطفه خفه میکنند!!!!! ولی خدا هست و طبق فرموده خودش: صدای ناله و آه مظلوم عرش خدا رو به لرزه در میاره، مخصوصا آهی که پشت اون حرفها خوابیده که جز خودش کسی خبر نداره و من بعنوان یک زن ایرانی که عزت و شرف و غیرت باید جزو بخشی از وجودم باشه دارم تاوان سنگین خیلی چیزارو میدم تا جاییکه برای حفظ عزت و شرف و سربلندی و ...، تمام زندگیمو هزینه کردم و خبر نداشتم که اون زمانهایی که من بدنبال بالا بردن پرچم کشورم با غرور و افتخار بودم... آقایون بجای رصد کردن میز اسنوکر بدنبال ... و من نمیدونم و واقعا برام جای تأسفه که این آقایون در مقابل .!!! بارها گفتم و باز هم خواهش میکنم نذارید صحبتها به جایی کشیده بشه که ناگفتنیها و زخمهای کهنه سرباز کنه و بذارید ستارالعیوبی خدا کارش رو بکنه و همه چیز رو به خودش بسپارید ...... ... و مکرو و مکر الله و الله خیر الماکرین ( آل عمران / 54 ) . من یقیین دارم در سرزمین من هنوز غیرت مردانه نمرده و هستند کسانی که غیرتشون رو هزینه خواهرشون بکنند و هر چیزی به وقت خودش به لطف خدا اتفاق خواهد افتاد...

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The 9-ball pool medalist went on to criticize the hearing process.

"When they did not allow my attorney to attend the hearings, I protested, insisting the proceedings have no legal basis if I'm not allowed a lawyer. They told me I can leave if I don't recognize the legality of the hearings. I asked for the evidence of my wrongdoing; they just said there was a report of misconduct and I am duty bound to respond to the charges."

Amini says she was not even told the date her alleged misconduct took place.

"I thought there would be a session where I could confirm or deny the charges, but to my surprise, the verdict was issued within few hours," Amini said, adding, "I have written several letters to the Ministry of Sport, but have not received a response."

Speaking to the state-run Iran Students News Agency (ISNA), Amini dismissed accusations she flouted Islamic dress code, saying, "Such charges are ridiculous since we [Iranian female billiards players] have pre-approved outfits we wear for games."

Amini won a bronze medal at the Single Women 9-Ball Pool Games in the United Arab Emirates in October 2016, clenching the first ever medal for Iran in the women's division of the games.

In April 2017, the New York-based Center For Human Rights In Iran (CHRI) reported that a number of Iranian female billiard players have recently been temporarily banned from competing for "violating the Islamic code of conduct."

Iranian authorities have repeatedly penalized female athletes in the past for not wearing their hijab at international sporting events. All women in Iran are legally required to observe Islamic dress code, including a head covering.

In February 2017, 18-year-old female chess player Dorsa Derakhshani was expelled from Iran's national team for not wearing the hijab when she competed at an international chess match in Gibraltar. She joined the U.S. national team later that year.

After the downfall of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, Iranian women were banned from taking part in international sports competitions for more than ten years. When the ban was lifted, women shooters became the first female athletes to represent the Islamic Republic abroad.

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