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Crowdfunding for publications of Samin Baghcheban's compositions


Crowdfunding for publications of Samin Baghcheban's compositions - March 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Samin Baghcheban's demise in exile. On the occasion of the anniversary, the Baghcheban family is willing to publish a collection of Samin's vocal pieces which were composed in the 1950s and currently are not available to the public.

Samin Baghcheban (1925-2008)

To this end, the family has organised a crowdfunding campaign to publish the manuscripts, accompanied by a CD of rare performances of the same pieces sung more than half a century ago by Samin's wife, Evlin Baghcheban.

To materialise, this unique cultural project depends on your kind contribution to a crowdfunding campaign, set up specifically for this project and under the supervision of Kaveh Baghcheban, Samin's son, who is himself an accomplished composer. The project coordinator will include the names of all contributors who wish to have their names included, in the "Acknowledgements Page" of the book.

Ruba'i No. 1, on a poem by Baba Tahir (11th cent. Persian poet)
Composer: Samin Baghtcheban

Samin Baghcheban (1925-2008) studied at Tehran Conservatory of Music and Ankara State Conservatory. He is the composer of various unforgettable works in the history of Persian music such as "Rangin-Kamun" (for children) and "Boomivar" (for large orchestra). Since the early 1950s Baghcheban was a composition professor at the Tehran Conservatory for more than two decades and also translated various works by the Turkish contemporary authors into Persian.

Following the restrictions imposed after 1979 Islamic Revolution in his homeland, Baghcheban moved to Turkey in the early 1980s. He passed away in exile in March 2008. Despite being one of the most influential composers of 20th-century Persia/Iran, none of Baghcheban's scores is published until now.



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